Killzone: Mercenary developer Guerrilla Cambridge is staffing up for a new PlayStation 4 project, a slew of job listings have confirmed. The company – which was actually recently struck by layoffs – is currently seeking a senior environment artist to join its “world class art team”. A second job listing posted late last year hinted that this will be a “major [...] project”.

Despite being one of Sony’s smaller first-party developers, the British-based organisation has worked on a bunch of different games, spanning the likes of PSone platformer MediEvil right through to PlayStation Move title TV Superstars. Having worked closely with Dutch developer Guerrilla Games in the past, the studio was rebranded as Guerrilla Cambridge last January.

While speculation will certainly point to some kind of new title, we reckon that the developer’s more likely to be helping with the construction of its counterpart’s new intellectual property. All of the comments coming out of Amsterdam suggest that this rumoured role-playing game is going to be a bit of a blockbuster, so the firm will need all of the help that it can get.

Still, we’d sure love to see Sir Daniel Fortesque make a return, too...