As previously announced, PlayStation Plus members will be able to ride away with a free version of PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub when the racer releases in October. However, as the company stressed before the Evolution Studios developed title's delay, this Instant Game Collection edition will not give you access to everything that you'll find on the Blu-ray disc. So, what will you get?

Writing on the European PlayStation Blog, game director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that the freebie will include ten vehicles and five tracks set in one country. There'll be 11 variants of these race courses, so the tedium shouldn't set in too quickly. Moreover, the lead ensures that this is bigger than a mere taster. “It's hardly a demo because you'll get access to all of the game's features, online and offline," he said.

While you won't be able to complete the core single player campaign – you'll need access to the other tracks and cars to do that – the developer confirmed last year that you will be able to earn the game's Platinum Trophy. In addition, it sounds like you'll be able to upgrade to the full version at a discounted price. Are you satisfied with this, or is your entitlement engine heading into overdrive? Complain in the comments section below.