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Feature: Why Sony's 'Leaked' PS4 Press Conference Is Pure Fan Fiction

Posted by Sammy Barker

Plugging the pipe

While the majority of our time at Push Square towers is spent trying to think up cringeworthy puns, we also waste a great deal of our day sifting through rumours. Whether they’re sent to us via email, Twitter, or posted on the forums, there’s never any shortage of speculation to work through. Sometimes we post these articles, sometimes we don’t. On the occasions that we don’t, this is usually because we’ve been unable to verify the source, or simply don’t feel confident in what’s being claimed. This was the case when Sony’s entire E3 press conference supposedly leaked, prompting us to giggle and turn our attention to more pressing matters. Alas, the story – which originated on DualShockers yesterday evening – has picked up steam all over the web overnight, so we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t believe everything that you read on the Internet.

It’s too good to be true

With gamers seemingly baying for Sony’s blood after an admittedly quiet six months since the PlayStation 4’s launch, there’s no doubt that the platform holder needs to put on a big show next month. However, history tells us that the manufacturer likes to spread its announcements between multiple press conferences, so we don’t think that you’re going to see the firm’s full hand at E3 in June. Last night’s rumour suggests that an incredible 15 first-party titles will be shown, which would be an unprecedented sum for even the Japanese giant. It’s much more likely that, even if these games were real, they’d be announced over several events, spreading anticipation out over a longer period of time. Moreover, it’s just not feasible from a timing perspective. Factor in introductory speeches and inevitable third-party demonstrations, and the proposed showing would probably run for four to five hours.

It’s based upon rumours we already know

The telltale sign that this leak is bogus is that it’s based upon a batch of rumours that we already know, and thus reads like a summary of forum posts rather than something genuinely unique. For example, the rundown mentions that Guerrilla Games will showcase a role-playing game at next month’s big show. It’s, of course, widely speculated that the Dutch developer is working on some kind of Fallout-esque epic, but we’re doubtful that it will be revealed so soon after the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Meanwhile, many of the other touted unveils are linked to recent trademark filings, which makes this easy speculation. It’s also interesting that the post touches upon the visual fidelity of many of the titles, but fails to share concrete details about the games in question. Wouldn’t one need to actually see some footage in order to ascertain the quality of an unannounced product’s graphics?

It has some curiously inconclusive details

This is the one that kills the rumour for us: many of the details are deliberately hazy. When you’re dealing with something as extensive as an entire press conference leak, it seems unreasonable to say that Japan Studio is going to announce a game that’s “shrouded in secrecy”. The supposed leak also mentions that a WipEout sequel is in production, but fails to elaborate on who’s taking the reins following franchise creator Studio Liverpool’s demise. This is all information that someone with access to top secret internal plans would know about, and yet it’s cleverly left absent from the report. There are bulletpoints that are believable here – Uncharted PS4 probably will get a demonstration at E3, for example – but that’s something that anyone could predict. Moreover, the insinuation that Sony will decide what to announce based on Microsoft’s press conference is absolute nonsense.

In all, the original article offers a good recap of rumoured titles that may or may not be in production for the PS4, but this is absolutely in no way an E3 press conference leak. In addition to being far too stacked for the average convention show, there are also far too many blank points in the documentation to make it truly believable. We’ll have our own speculation regarding Sony’s big event over the coming weeks. In the meantime, just be careful of what you read online.

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N711 said:

The funny thing is there r still quite a few people not happy with this amazing fantasmatic list



MadchesterManc said:

Gotta love the weeks leading up to E3. The internet is rife with fud that seems to gain traction. @get2sammyb I almost believed the one yesterday about a Valkyria Chronicles trilogy remaster for Ps4

Best just sticking your fingers in ya ears & waiting till the actual event



Demi_God said:

Sony could be keeping everything secret until E3 though. Lets not forget how different Sony is now compared to the PS3. Even their marketing team is completely different. I think Sony is keeping everything quiet until E3, then they are going to let the games fly. I believe it's going to be an amazing Sony event.

I think we are going to see lots of cool First party titles/exclusives that we haven't even heard of yet and between all that we will see some cool indie games too. Now I know people are sick of indies, but indies don't take away Triple A games or even exclusives. We are going to have a good sum of announced exclusives I believe.



adf86 said:

@get2sammyb Maybe we should do a pre conference prediction. The one to get the most correct gets showered with internet praise



RawShark said:

This year's E3 prersentation will be a three hour long reveal of The Last Guardian - delving into how they gave the Puppy-Griffin a working digestive system and how all of the PS4's processing power is put to use to construct the size and consistency of its poop. As no two poops will ever be the same, it is expected that it will create a massive following via the PS4's Share button, where players upload their best poops. Players can tread the poop into the houses of NPCs, causing them much distress. Players can fling poop at royalty and spark off riots. Players can roll around in the poop and try to hug people, who will run away.

Yep - write that down. My prediction.



Dohv said:

No way that was real and people are so gullible they believed it.




If I were a (DIRTY) participant in this console war I would create the most impossible/improbable E3 leak imaginable. This would bring expectations to an astronomical level. A tactic such as this would definitely set the competitions consumers base up for a drastic letdown. But none of the players would do something like this. Would they?

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