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Feature: In Theory, Could Titanfall Drop a Bot on PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sizeable speculation

The advent of the so-called industry insider – forum posters who build up a reputation among online communities such as NeoGAF for spilling the beans on secret information – means that the rumour mill is harder to navigate than ever these days. It’s always been difficult to pick the real leaks from the rubbish, but the web is a minefield of unattributable assertions these days – a challenge evidenced by the increasing credibility of clearly bogus speculation such as Sony’s supposedly leaked E3 press conference.

One such story that’s been doing the rounds of late is that Titanfall is coming to the PlayStation 4 after all. A rumourmonger named Tidux – who apparently leaked details pertaining to the next-gen platform’s most recent firmware update before they were announced – revealed the tidbit on Twitter, stating that a build of the game is up on running on the Japanese giant’s supercharged device as we type. We’re not interested in trying to crosscheck the shady character or his sources, but we are curious if it could happen.

Mega publisher EA Games stated late last year that the first-person shooter will be exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC for the “life of the title”. Judging by Vince Zampella’s reaction to the announcement in October, this wasn’t supposed to be the case. “Always Microsoft exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup,” the Respawn Entertainment boss wrote on Twitter. “EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently.” He attached a sad face emoticon to the end of that message, emphasising his displeasure.

Indeed, speculation suggests that the release was only supposed to be exclusive for a year, before deploying on the PS4 – and, presumably, the PlayStation 3 – twelve or so months later. It would seem that Microsoft upped its business negotiations in order to lock the title down, although journalist Geoff Keighley’s uber in-depth Final Hours of Titanfall publication paints a slightly different picture, suggesting that EA needed a first-party to invest in order to keep the project alive. We’re not entirely sure that we buy that narrative based on the timeline of events, but it is what it is.

So, why have rumours regarding a PlayStation version of the futuristic foray all of a sudden started to reappear? Well, it’s one of the hottest games of the year, so it’s unsurprising that people are eager to play it on Sony’s currently more popular console – but there are theories that could support the possibility of a port. The "exclusive for the life of the title” comment has always fascinated us, as it seems very carefully selected. Would a hypothetical ‘Ultimate Edition’ sidestep that statement, for example? After all, that would technically be a different release, right?

It’s also possible that EA may have included some kind of get out clause depending on the title’s performance. We know that the game sold 925,000 physical copies across the PC and Xbox One throughout March in North America – an impressive number, but perhaps not the screaming success that everyone expected prior to release. To add to that line of speculation, the publisher’s been incredibly vague with regards to global figures, suggesting that the numbers aren’t quite big enough to make a splash.

Last but not least, the third-party publisher will be aware of the fact that there are seven million PS4 consoles out there yearning for new content – and that number seems to be snowballing at a pace far faster than the Xbox One. It’s impossible to know the specifics of the contract between Microsoft and EA, but the latter is a shrewd organisation, and we can’t see it willingly missing out on money that it could have made. In that sense, if there’s a way around the contract, we reckon that it would exploit it.

Alas, this is all empty speculation until proven otherwise, and we suspect that it will probably lead to a dead end. While we’re hesitant to trust so-called industry insiders, we can see there being some truth to Tidux’s comments; we daresay that in an office somewhere, there is a poorly optimised build of Titanfall running on the PS4. However, even if that's accurate, we reckon that it's more likely to be a case of Respawn Entertainment laying the foundations for a sequel on Sony’s format – and with that, there’ll be no question of it skipping the Japanese giant’s machine.

Do you think that Titanfall will deploy on the PS4, or do you reckon that you'll have to wait for the game’s inevitable sequel to play it on one of Sony’s systems? Are you even interested in sampling the first-person affair, or is it not really your cup of mechanical grease? Drop a titan in the comments section below.

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User Comments (44)



FullbringIchigo said:

well the same thing happend with Mass Effect 1 so I wouldn't be shocked if it was released on PlayStation

but the. game was boring anyway so it's not like PlayStation only users missed out on anything



get2sammyb said:

@FullbringIchigo Mass Effect is a great example, but that took several years to finally release. I imagine with very little narrative on offer here, EA would jump straight to the sequel if things played out the same way.



FullbringIchigo said:

@get2sammyb as long as they add a bit more variaty to the second game because titanfall got real dull real quick

oh don't get me wrong it's fun in bursts but it's not a game you can sit down and play for a long time



RawWilson1 said:

I can see Respawn porting it over to PS4, probably, with a different name. The port would definitely look better on PS4, but who cares about next-gen graphics on next-gen consoles;)



Farmboy74 said:

Could EA get away with releasing a Ultimate, Directors or Game of the year edition?? I would imagine MS having this securely nailed down. Mass Effect is a great example but no I cannot see this happening other than a sequel coming to Sony's consoles



justerthought said:

Titanfall is no big loss. It's just COD in robot suites and is going down the same dead end cul-de-sac as COD. This move from MS is totally predicted and follows a familiar pattern.

MS pays to deny. Sony pays to create. The former hurts gamers, the latter benefits gamers. Where MS offers corrupt bribes to devs in order to keep a game off another platform in the disguise of a exclusive, Sony exclusives are made by their own first party studios so they pay the wages and fund the actual game development. Sony exclusive games would not get made without Sony's funding. MS exclusive games are already created but locked down with a corrupt bride. The ugly face of MS capitalism.

We could end up with 70% of the console gaming population on PS4 and MS locking down AAA games to their 30% share. That sort of behaviour is going to kill the game industry. The fact that the XB1 is so weak at gaming is causing a problem which is bad for gamers. We need healthy competition, not unhealthy competition. A disproportionate market share is going to PS4 causing MS to adopt desperate measures. They cannot win on graphics performance, so they will go for denial where gamers will be forced to accept second best just to play the game. That will turn gamers off and spawn apathy.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I can see some tinkering and a 'new' game released perhaps, more likely they'll just forget about the mess of xb1 and get on with titan fall 2, ea can try and work out some way to rake in money from Sony but its unlikely to happen this year I'd say.



Dohv said:

I'm 100% sure Titanfall 2 will be on PS4. EA doesn't want to miss out on money and Respawn wants the chance to destroy Call Of Duty. And Respawn and EA just confirmed recently that they will be brining Titanfall to other platforms in the future (meaning Titanfall 2 for PS3/PS4).

I'm finally getting my XB1 in a few weeks with my birthday money I get, and I can honestly say I'm not intrestef in getting Titanfall for my XB1. It doesn't have a campaign which sucks, because Titanfall could be an awesome campaign. If Titanfall 2 has a decent campaign that Respawn put effort into, I'll be all over it.



THEundying27 said:

It's very possible we will see titanfall come to sony platforms and here's why:

EA isn't that stupid, no matter how much money ms gave them there's no way they didn't realize they would be losing their asses off. Forget about the fact that they "forecasted" ps4s "failure", the ps3 already had a huge install base, so that's a lot of potential customers right there.

Here's a different theory of mine: Titanfall didn't come to Sony platforms because maybe EA wasn't sure how successful titan fall was going to be so they released it on very few platforms as possible just to test the waters hence the delay for the 360 version.

Ps3 is already established and ps4 has a solid install base now, that's basically money sitting right in front of ea waiting to be grabbed now that they know titan fall is popular. If not then you can bet we will see titanfall 2 sooner than most people think.



DirectAim said:

I like the idea, I'm literally playing it right now on my mates xb1 but the fact they ignored ps4 initially means I'd rather spend my money on a different title, I also dislike EA. Keep it on xb1 for all I care



Shaolin said:

@get2sammyb A very thorough consideration of the Titanfall issue and interesting too - thanks for that.

My only concern is that if we as the PlayStation fan community continue to bang on about this that we'll start to come across as whiners and that the PS4 will start to live up to the accusation that it's a console that isn't in the here in now but instead only with hope for the future. So even though this is an interesting enough topic I'd personally vote for us moving on and prefer to concentrate on our own exclusive greatness awaiting.

Having said that, I believe the only reason that Titanfall appeared to be such a big deal is because it was a launch game that we didn't have on PS4. A much bigger issue for me and the real coup here is that Sunset Overdrive isn't launching on PS4. I'm sure that Sony follows it's own solid business policies but I can't help but wonder about their overbearing demands to own the new IPs that studios create. I see this as much more of a problem to us because it drove away Playdead when Sony insisted on owning the rights to Limbo and now it has driven away Insomniac with Sunset Overdrive. I think it was a very telling indication when Insomniac proclaimed this week that Sunset Overdrive is THE game that they've been wanting to make for 20 years. This game appeals to me much more than Titanfall and that's not to say that Titanfall is a bad game (it actually sounds really rather good) but from what I've seen Sunset Overdrive strikes me as being a better fit for the PlayStation community and I suppose that makes sense considering that Insomniac was one of Sony's first party stable.

I love PlayStation, I really do but instead of blaming everyone else (i.e. EA, Microsoft, etc.) I have to accept the possibility that Sony's relentless pursuit of IP rights could be playing a large part in some great games not launching on PS4. However, even when certain games don't come to us I still feel that Sony is doing a good enough job of arranging and curating content for us on PS4.

The bottom line is that Titanfall is a good game and it'll be a pleasant surprise if it comes to PS4 but let's not dwell on it and instead let us look forward to our own greatness that awaits. E3 for the win!!



Demi_God said:

Nah, Microsoft paid a lot of money to keep Titanfall off of Sony platforms. So consider the first Titanfall to never hit any Sony console be it PS3 and PS4. Not that it's a big deal for me, I don't like mech based games and while I've seen the gameplay many times, the game in my opinion sucks. I just don't see anything great about it. If it's a game that has a mech in it, but the game isn't revolved around mechs, that doesn't bother me one bit.

I'm quite sure Titanfall 2 will get the sales that EA wants when it hits the PS4, but I'm not going to buy it. eeesh



kakeroat said:

I would rather prefer titanfall 2 on PS4 with proper offline single player story mode.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Yes, in a much quicker timeframe than Mass Effect 1. If a MS Published game can make it then Titanfall isn't an exception to the "never coming to platform x or y". I've seen that line so many times during the PS3 era and rarely did they stick to their word.

Sony doesn't need it, PS4 is flying off the shelves still, which ponders the question does Titanfall/EA/Respawn need PS4? If they ever want this become a threat to COD, yes.



KAPADO said:

I really dont care about it. But I will buy it just like I bought the first Virtua Fighter for ps3, after the PS2 killed Sega's hardware business. Its like a trophy to remind me of their failed rebellion against the church of Sony.
Tis joyful to be a fanboy, when things go in your favor.



ComicBookGuy said:

PS only gamers aren't missing out much. Every single person who went ballistic over the beta that I know (including reporters in blogs and podcasts) has since become bored with the shallow, repetitive gameplay.
I was initially excited for this, but now it's all meh... Guess a sequel on PS4 wouldn't hurt and would make EA lots of money, but we just came out a boring, brown generation swarmed by meathead shooter gamers. So much so that many smaller projects were cancelled and switched over to make more brown shooters. At the moment, I am very excited about the potential for new and fresh ideas. I almost hope these types of games fall flat on their face so that big powerhouses with tonnes of raw talent, such as EA can focus on more interesting things.



N711 said:

Selfishly the less I hear about Titanfall the better for me but I can understand if people like FPS ..



Ginkgo said:

Really not convinced this is true.

If it does happen, I am unlikely to pick it up. I bore very quickly with Multiplier FPS. Much prefer story, but I might be tempted just to see what all the hype was about.

One thing is for sure, if it does come to PS4 within a reasonable time frame it will be a huge blow to XBO.



JaxonH said:


I'm not a big fan of FPS, and certainly not competitive multiplayer in FPS, but I've heard that sentiment from others and I just don't agree with it.

I don't understand how Titanfall needs more variety. Now don't get me wrong, I've never played it and I don't even own an X1 (not yet anyways), but I have seen gameplay footage. And it looks INFINITELY better than multiplayer in Call of Duty, which is immensely popular all across the world. Many people play CoD multiplayer for years on end, in fact, that's all they do! If people can play THAT and not get sick of it, I don't understand how Titanfall wouldn't be up to scratch...?



JaxonH said:

Generally speaking, I don't get all the minimizing of X1 exclusives by PS4 owners. I don't even like or want Titanfall, but I know if that game was a PS4 exclusive many people here, the ones saying it isn't that great, would be flaunting it to Xbox fans saying how great of an exclusive it is. Same for Sunset Overdrive. Come on, can't we just admit the X1 has some great games and be happy for those who own the system? It's not like we don't have our own great games. We don't have to minimize and deflect every single good game the X1 has. I'm happy with my PS4 purchase. And the X1 getting great exclusives doesn't make me regret it. So I have no issue acknowledging those games as being good.

I'm probably gonna end up buying an X1 in no small part due to Sunset Overdrive (along with Plants vs Zombies, Killer Instinct, Halo, etc). If a great game comes out on a console I don't own, you won't see me minimizing it. Not in the least. I'll just buy the console.



Demi_God said:

@JaxonH I don't see how you can say that people would be flaunting Titanfall if it was on the PS4. If people don't like it, they don't like it. Now, it's safe to assume that maybe a couple of people within this world/planet that we are on, would flaunt the fact that the Xbox One didn't have it or whatever makes you sleep better at night. The point is that you can't assume people in here would think differently if it was on the PS4 and in you saying so is just wishful thinking at best.



JaxonH said:


There is no wishful thinking on my part. I have no vested interest in what games come to which platforms, nor do I particularly care.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@JaxonH just my honest opinion that sunset overdrive really does look like a second rate infamous second son, titan fall looks OK but there are plenty of other fps to choose from, it doesn't offer anything ground breaking



JaxonH said:


That's cool- everyone has different taste and opinions and I don't expect everyone to like every game. I was just responding to the general attitude toward X1 exclusives. It just seems a little too coincidental that the vast majority of PS4 owners 'just so happen' to think Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive aren't worth playing, when to me, they look every bit as good as the span of PS4 exclusives on offer (even though I'm not interested in competitive FPS, I still recognize it as a great game for those who do)

Btw, I didn't mean to address that post to you initially. I was going to respond to you and got sidetracked, then forgot to delete @SimonAdebisi from my new post. Soon as I realized my mistake I edited it out, although I'm sure you got the unedited post in your inbox



heyzeus002 said:

@JaxonH I see what you are saying about titanfall but it honestly something you have to experience yourself to under stand why pple are getting bored wirh it so quickly. I actually bought an xbone mainly for titanfall and at 1st it was really good and added sime much needed spice to the genre. After playing for about a week at launch I've not played since mainly because I feel structure of the game beneath the mechanics are just plain rubbish at fps' s but what cod n bf have nailed down is the competitive aspect. You play, you get better, you learn maps etc and theres an almost tangible feel to your improvement almost like a fighting game like sf in that sense. Titanfall imho just doesn't have cn go around the whole match killing bots which trust me takes zero skill to do and by doing that its easily possible to outscore someone who goes after other humans which obviously is a lot more difficult and due to this the competition between players isn't a real thing almost.its a real shame though cos the actual mechanics like wall running and titans are brilliant and the game can be fun no doubt but it's not gonna have legs like cod and bf when it comes to mp.its tricky to explain, like I said you need to play it for a good while to get what I mean but thats just my opinion on the game.i guess if a persons not interested in raw competition and getting better in order to do better then they won't have this problem.incidently, this is also why I hate blue shells, worst idea in a game ever..probably. .



JaxonH said:


I think it comes down to preference and having a good balance. I can't speak on Titanfall because I haven't played it, and perhaps you're right, but from the sound of it I wouldn't have a problem. Reason I say that is because some games use techniques like that to ensure you always have a chance of losing. The reason I stopped playing Sonic Transformed is because I always win, every time. My skill has surpassed the AI. With Mario Kart, the blue shell maintains balance, so that no matter how good you are, there's a real, tangible threat to your position in the race.

Granted, some iterations of MK have gone overboard with the blue shell, so I'm glad to see it getting reined in with MK8 (can dodge shells with mushrooms, obliterate them with the horn, and possibly avoid it with other items as well). I feel as long as it's done with proper balance, these techniques add to the experience. But that's just my preference. But yeah, from what you're saying, Titanfall definitely seems like a game I'd enjoy, provided I actually liked competitive FPS of course.



drumsandperc92 said:

didn't titan fall receive less than spectacular reviews, when everyone thought it was going to be the next CoD?
ps4 doesn't need titan fall. if a sequel improves upon the original, it would be a good bet for EA to go multiplay & id bet they will. but for now, we're not missing much in my opinion



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@JaxonH I don't think titan fall was anything special whereas I think that shadow fall for me just looks amazing, I may well have ended up buying both games but instead I have shadow fall and cod ghosts. As for sunset overdrive I just wouldn't bother after playing second son. I see the Dreamcast comparisons and appreciate its going to be a decent game, just not for me.



Shaolin said:

@JaxonH "If a great game comes out on a console I don't own, you won't see me minimizing it. Not in the least."

You left some very good balanced comments and I felt compelled to acknowledge them because it doesn't happen all that often nowadays. I consider you to be a true PlayStation fan and whenever I come to this site I pray to find normal sane people like you in amongst all the anti-whatever drivel.



Shaolin said:

@SimonAdebisi I'm not trying to be funny but just out of interest in what way do you find Sunset Overdrive to be similar to Second Son? Is it the art style or perhaps the traversal?

To me they look like very different games, both good games but very different. Sunset seems far more cartoony tongue-in-cheek than Second Son and being a classic Insomniac game it has a bigger focus on weird and wacky weaponry. Then there's the open world multiplayer aspect to further differentiate it. I particularly found the "next gen respawning" thing hilarious. I don't doubt that there are small similarities but nothing anywhere near like Battlefield-COD similarity.

Have you seen this recent video which gives more detail on Sunset and highlights the differences?

To be honest, Titanfall seems cool and I'm really happy for those X1 gamers that get to play it in the here and now, but Sunset Overdrive is the first X1 exclusive that I actually find myself keeping tabs on even though I probably won't ever get to play it lol!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@Shaolin I have watched some brief gameplay, no its not a carbon copy but it has many similarities, yes the art style its different And its very much more of the animated genre its just too close of an experience for me to get excited about. I feel I've been spoiled by infamous second son. If it was available on vita I'd be very interested.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@JaxonH I don't why i'm doing this but: Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies and the like (Project Spark) is not exclusive to X1, i know you probably mean something else but this terminology is downright inaccurate. And besides the first two are third party games, that "exclusivity" won't last long.

"I was just responding to the general attitude toward X1 exclusives. It just seems a little too coincidental that the vast majority of PS4 owners 'just so happen' to think Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive aren't worth playing, when to me, they look every bit as good as the span of PS4 exclusives on offer..."
Could, could it be an difference of opinion?
It could be true, but then again you can apply that to any fan/platform/exclusive/situation.



JaxonH said:


No, they're not X1 exclusives, but they are MS exclusives. And since we are in the 8th gen, the X1 is really the only viable option in my eyes as far as playing MS exclusives go (360 is now outdated winding down its lifespan, and I'm not a PC gamer). When I say X1 exclusive, you know what I mean. It's not coming to PS4 or Wii U, which are the consoles I own. I still call Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U exclusive even though it's also on 3DS, because when I say "Wii U exclusive" I mean Nintendo exclusive, as in, the game isn't available on PS4 or X1. It's just a habit. I know it's not scientifically accurate, but again it's just habit.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I honestly don't care about Titanfall, since I dislike both multi-player exclusive and FPS exclusive games.

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