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Extend Your PS4 Controller's Battery Life with the Nyko Power Pak on 26th May

Posted by Kell Andersen

The waiting game

The PlayStation 4 controller has a pretty good chunk of battery life, usually clocking in at about seven or eight hours. However, if you're anything like this reporter, you probably constantly forget to charge the sleek piece of machinery, and are left trying to negotiate its criminally short connection cord. Luckily, Nyko has plans to release a peripheral for the DualShock 4 that will increase its battery life considerably.

We've spoken about the aforementioned Power Pak before, but it's not until just recently that the product has been given a release date. It's scheduled to hit store shelves on 26th May, so you might like to organise a gaming marathon for that very date. Well, er, probably the next day actually, as you'll have to let the thing charge first, obviously.

Will you be picking up the Nyko Power Pak, or is the DualShock 4's battery life more than ample for your gaming needs? Power up in the comments section below.


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Demi_God said:

nice, if it makes the battery last 5 hours longer or so, I will buy it.



daveh30 said:

i still think it makes more sense just to own an extra controller.... always have one plugged in. when the one your using is low, swap 'em. especially with the PS4 able to charge in standby mode, it's a none issue.



ririgarcia said:

with this peripheral you donĀ“t forget to charge it??? Like dave30 said own two controlers. I own two.



Cloud7794 said:

I won't need it; I own four controllers! Granted only for 2 games thus far (Octodad and Towerfall), but battery life has rarely been a problem.



Ginkgo said:

As it is the only gripe in a masterful piece of tech, I have to imagine that Sony will bring out the DS4-v2 with a larger battery down the line. In the short term, although it is way less than the PS3, I't not a huge issue - for me at least.




I'm never so far from usb cable/extender/charger/socket that it's an issue.

In fact, my second DS4 has only ever been used once.



Munkyknuts said:

I have one controller for the PS4 so I'd be interested in it, depending on how much extra power it gives. The PS3 controllers always seemed to last longer and I have two of them so I was never left without a controller to use..,,the PS4 one feels like it lasts next to no time at all.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Yarp I bought a second controller, I also have various USB etensions which would obviously be the cheapest option.



Holydiver85 said:

I own two DS4 controllers and just trade off when one dies. I can only think of twice in the last 6 months I forgot to plug the dead controller in when I grabbed the other. Thankfully the DS4 uses the same charger as my phone, tablet, 3D glasses etc. So I just plugged the DS4 into my phones wall charger which is plugged in right beside my seat on the couch and kept playing.

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