The PlayStation 4 controller has a pretty good chunk of battery life, usually clocking in at about seven or eight hours. However, if you're anything like this reporter, you probably constantly forget to charge the sleek piece of machinery, and are left trying to negotiate its criminally short connection cord. Luckily, Nyko has plans to release a peripheral for the DualShock 4 that will increase its battery life considerably.

We've spoken about the aforementioned Power Pak before, but it's not until just recently that the product has been given a release date. It's scheduled to hit store shelves on 26th May, so you might like to organise a gaming marathon for that very date. Well, er, probably the next day actually, as you'll have to let the thing charge first, obviously.

Will you be picking up the Nyko Power Pak, or is the DualShock 4's battery life more than ample for your gaming needs? Power up in the comments section below.