We're used to Telltale's antics by now, though the announcement that The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 is arriving the week after The Walking Dead will be a curve ball to many, especially for those of you building up a backlog. However, it seems like us Europeans have no choice but to plug our ears in order to avoid spoilers, as the download will be landing on everything but our beloved PlayStation 3s.

Set to launch on the North American PlayStation Network on the 27th May, the European release currently has no set date, meaning that those who eagerly await the next chapter of this grim fairy tale adventure have no choice but to restrain themselves from taking on a bestial form. This'll be Telltale's first strike, though, and begs the question as to whether the episode's content may be causing problems in some regions. We don't know what Bigby's up to exactly, but you can take a sneak peek in the trailer below. Are you willing to forgive the delay, or will Europe remember this?