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Could Agent Come to PS4? Rockstar Sneaks Through Trademark Renewal

Posted by Sammy Barker

Grand Theft Auto developer goes undercover

While ex-PlayStation executive Jack Tretton may be feeling the pangs of E3 withdrawal syndrome right now, he’ll secretly be happy to not have to answer any questions about oft-delayed PlayStation 3 exclusive Agent. Announced during a press conference eons ago, the Rockstar North developed Cold War escapade has remained concealed for years now – but parent company Take-Two has just registered a trademark renewal for the release.

While this is probably just a case of the company protecting its property, VG247 points out that the product is still listed on the developer’s website. Moreover, there’s never been any chatter of the title being cancelled, suggesting that it very much is still on the backburner somewhere, even if it’s not actively being worked on. Naturally, the chances of it being a PS3 exclusive are virtually zero at the present – but there’s a chance that it could deploy on Sony’s next-gen format in the future.

Rockstar is planning to release a PlayStation 4 title before the end of March 2015, which is most likely to be a port of Grand Theft Auto V. However, with the next entry in Rockstar San Diego’s uber popular Red Dead Redemption series seemingly deep into development, and rumours regarding some form of Bully sequel rife, who knows what the super secretive label could have in the pipeline? Irrespective of the outcome, we’re excited to find out.


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BambooBushido said:

Like last guardian I think this game has been rebuilt for PS4 I'd be shocked if this is still PS3 only at this point most likely it'll be on both



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Its with The Last Guardian, Half Life 3 and Final Fantasy XV, which means you will never see it on store shelfs and you will be prone to years of (additional) vagueness and rumours.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

But Rockstar North are done with GTA 5 (Besides Patches/DLC), so they could work on Agent (if they were even working on it) or they could be working on GTA 6 or they could pass it off to someone else. Which is more likely?

As for GTA 5 Next Gen, R North won't be doing that as they have a port team such as R Leeds (Former GTA handheld specialist) who have been quiet for the longest time.



Munkyknuts said:

Yes please to both a new Bully game and the next Red dead redemption....I played GTA5 to death on ps3 and I've no interest In a ps4 revisit to the same game with ramped up graphics.



Gamer83 said:

I'm hoping the next game from Rockstar is RDR 2, I'd be surprised if we see GTA VI before 2017.

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