You’ll be able to put your PlayStation Vita’s face buttons through their paces this week, as the God of War Collection is set to storm Olympus later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. Boasting both the first and second games in Sony Santa Monica’s iconic Greek God slaying series, the title will also be fully cross-buy compatible, meaning that if you purchase the digital version, you’ll unlock the PlayStation 3 release and vice versa. In other words, you may already own this.

Much like the Sly Cooper Trilogy, this is a direct conversion of Bluepoint Games’ excellent high-definition upgrade, although it does feature a few new touch inputs. “The God of War Collection for Vita brings the same level of full control to [the portable],” community manager Aaron Kaufman explained on the PlayStation Blog. “We’ve also added touch control enhancements to environmental weapon interactions like catapults and opening doors, which happens to work great for opening chests as well. “

Will you be donning your finest Toga and taking the fight to Ares on the train? Scream at Athena in the comments section below.