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You'll Still Be Able to Test Drive DriveClub for Free on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Evolution Studios’ next-gen racer DriveClub was supposed to be the poster child for the PlayStation 4’s mandatory PlayStation Plus subscription, but that didn’t quite pan out. Due to the game’s delay, premium members were offered a complimentary copy of puzzle platformer Contrast instead – a disappointing substitute according to most social network feeds.

However, Sony has reaffirmed that subscribers will have the opportunity to test drive the racer when it deploys in October. “PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download DriveClub PS Plus Edition at no extra charge on launch day,” a spokesperson confirmed. As was the case before the delay, this won’t comprise the full game, but will include enough content to allow you to earn all of the Trophies.

If nothing else, it should provide you with a good enough taste of the title to decide whether it’s for you. The platform holder re-announced the exclusive earlier today, attaching an early October release date to it in Europe and North America. Are you planning to pre-order the full package, or wait for the free taster? Steer your attention towards the comments section below.


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belmont said:

Somehow I highly enjoyed Contrast by the way. It was a unique game. Since I don't play racing games that much it was good to me that a game that I enjoyed but would never have thought to buy was offered instead.



Midzark said:

@belmont yes I agree I really enjoined Contrast!! as for this nearly a year late! They have kept me waiting all this time!, I will wait for the free trail



rastamadeus said:

Still don't understand how Sony plan to make money off this game. You have to have PS+ on PS4, it's hardly optional now (hence the more frequent dips in quality as Sony no longer have to entice you to get PS+) so the 99% of people who have it will get DriveClub free and only the handful of people not on the service will buy the game. This leads me to believe all this about the PS+ edition being the near full game just missing a few cars and tracks is all bull****. Also won't be surprised to find it has two different Trophy lists, retail with loads and the Platinum, PS+ with a couple of Trophies and no Plat. I can't help shake the feeling it will just be a glorified demo and nothing else

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