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You May Be Seeing New Info on The Last Guardian in the Near Future

Posted by Kell Andersen

That's the theory

While it may feel like we're beating a dead horse – or, more appropriately, a dead giant dinosaur-bird-thing – we really would like Sony to just tell us what's going on with The Last Guardian. Honestly, we wouldn't even be that mad if the Japanese giant had cancelled the game. Okay, maybe we would be pretty mad, but that would definitely be better than this frustrating state of purgatory that we're currently stuck in.

Luckily, a few snippets have recently emerged that may hint at an incoming reveal. Japanese publication Famitsu asked the platform holder if it had any details to share on the notorious title, and its response was intriguing to say the least. While it certainly didn't shower us with firm details, Sony did mention that we'd likely be hearing about a release date for the title soon.

That may suggest a place at E3, but we're not going to be counting our giant dinosaur-bird-thing's eggs before they hatch. Are you still excited for The Last Guardian, or is your raging hype now a distant memory? Do you think that the platform holder is likely to reveal the title any time soon? Let us know in the comments section below.


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awaitingreatnes said:

I honestly wouldn't mind Team Ico canceling it, and making SoTC2. The story on how this game was delayed for years will be more interesting than the game's plot, and there's really no way it'll ever live up to the hype.



rjejr said:

Is that Japanese PS3 cover an official release?

How much longer before this game gets into DNF territory?

Might as well be re-revealed at E3, back where it all began. They could even show the original reveal first to show what the game now looks like on the PS4 or Vita. I can't imagine its still a PS3 game at this point.

I think I've moved on to following BG&E2 vaporware instead.



Damiien666 said:

If it is finally released wondering how dated it might look and feel with such a delay. Did they scrap the original engine they were using or did they just carry on with software engine from 4-5 years ago?



BambooBushido said:

It's now or never if they don't re-announce it this year then it's never coming out @get2sammyb E3's got to be it i want to believe but I'm just not sure i wouldn't be surprised if they do re-announce it at E3 but then i wouldn't surprised if they don't either



Munkyknuts said:

I really want this game....It would be nice to just know what's going on with it and if it can ever possibly live up to the expectation that's built up about it.



Shellybird27 said:

@Big-Boss I really dont see why its even a question. It's obvious it was revamped to PS4, I will bet some serious money, we will see a HOLIDAY 2014 release for this game at E3.



JaxonH said:


E3 isn't about Sony, MS or Nintendo "winning". It's about us, the gamers, winning with every new game shown across all platforms. And if this game is revealed at E3 with a release date, that's definitely a win for gamers everywhere.



sinalefa said:

They would really have to show something impressive to make up for all those years without a single picture, video, or well, anything.

It could still make for a great PS4 exclusive.

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