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Watch Dogs' Futuristic Tech Won't Extend to a Jump Button

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not got a head for heights

Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce may be packing some serious smartphone power in his pocket, but that won’t help him to, y’know, do star jumps on the spot. In a tweet that makes perfect filler for a dreadfully slow news days, the release’s animation director Colin Graham has revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 title will not feature a leap button – a somewhat odd admission given the title’s traversal focus.

The developer justified the decision by stating that any acrobatics are “contextual”, meaning that parkour will probably operate similarly to Assassin’s Creed. We hope that you like getting stuck on the wrong surfaces. Seriously, though, the fact that this is a story at all highlights just how reluctant the company has been to actually let people play the game. To our knowledge, there are still no hands-on impressions available for the hack happy excursion, which is prompting our internal alarm bells to ring like crazy.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Oh Jesus, even San Andreas on PS2 had a jump button. Thats a buzz kill.

I'm still picking it up because it sounds like a different open world adventure.



rjejr said:

Jump buttons mean a lot to me but I can see how they would not need it in a game like this. Has any GTA game ever had a jump button?

Xenoblade Chronicles has a jump button, and my character can swim, so all I did for the first few hours was swim all over and jump over everything. A jump button in a JRPG is a rarity. Probably won't be noticed be the majority of players of W_D though.

And after Heroes on the Move - the collaboration of 3 of Sonys greatest platformers not named Crash - Jak, Sly and Ratchet - somehow didn't have a jump button, well jump buttons kind of jumped the shark w/ that game.



N711 said:

I just hope you dont shoot with triangle and that sort of things :/



larry_koopa said:

It's going to be interesting to see how, or if, this all comes together in the end.



charlesnarles said:

"We hope that you like getting stuck on the wrong surfaces." Heh, dafuq is wrong with those games? My hdd is full of captures of me getting stuck in ridiculous loops of running up walls, dropping down, and running up the same exact spot over and over. I also keep getting stuck for tens of seconds hanging off ledges before he decides to climb up. I'm scared now.
@rjejr jump is always Square in GTAs. It's necessary in order to do flips off skyscrapers



ReigningSemtex said:

I seriously doubt this game will live up to the hype it looks nice but unless it plays nice...



rjejr said:

@charlesnarles - "jump is always Square in GTAs. It's necessary in order to do flips off skyscrapers"

Thanks, I only played GTA 3 and I don't recall jumping.

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