Ubisoft’s upcoming PlayStation 4 role-playing game Child of Light is so good that it’s prompted our very own Ben Tarrant to purchase a fire red wig and pretend that he’s protagonist Aurora around the office. While we’ve tried to point out that he’s simply too tall to pull off the look of a teenage girl, the message doesn’t appear to be getting through.

Nevertheless, he’s not the only one to fall head over heels in love with the game. As part of a recent preview event, our friends over at Family Gamer TV also got some time with the release, and have put together this ace video which outlines the four best things about the game. If our text preview didn’t already paint a good enough picture, then check out the footage below.

In addition to the hands-on impressions, the channel also caught up with creative director Patrick Plourde, in order to learn a little more about the title’s intriguing art style and compelling mix of turn-based combat and classic platforming. Is this game on your wishlist? Cast a spell in the comments section below.

Child of Light - Four Favourite Things

Child of Light - Creative Director Interview

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