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Video: This Is the Skylanders: Trap Team Starter Pack for PS4

Posted by Andy Robertson

You'll need one of these

Family Gamer TV may have spent the past few days grilling the developers behind the just announced Skylanders: Trap Team, but we’ve also been given an early look at the upcoming sequel’s Starter Pack. As the name indicates, the title’s big gimmick this year involves new Trap items, which are used to catch foes in the updated Traptanium Portal.

These converted enemies can then be used in conjunction with the new Trap Master characters, one of which will come with the package’s beginner's kit. The upgraded hero that you’ll get with the game is named Snap Shot, though others announced include Wollop and Wildfire. The core package will also come with a standard Skylander named Food Fight, as well as two character cards.

Not sure what all of this means? Well, check out the video embedded below for a full rundown of the complete collection, and don’t forget to turn your attention to our Skylanders: Trap Team playlist for all of the latest on the game.

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack Review & Chaos Element Theory


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rjejr said:

OK, now I'm really running out of things to say.

I do like the separate videos in 2 separate posts though better than in just the 1 post on NL. They cover some of the same material but I would recommend to anybody to watch them both. Well if your interested in the game obviously. Not sure there is anything new enough here to get people interested now if they haven't been before. Vehicles would have been much cooler I think.

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