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Video: Is TimeSplitters IV Firing onto PS4 This Year?

Posted by Ben Potter

Leaked documents suggest so

Studio executives really need to be more careful. Following the accidental unveiling of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in a coffee shop last year, we’ve laid our grubby fingertips on a Ben 10-branded folder full of top-secret design documents for TimeSplitters IV. The papers reveal plenty about the long overdue first-person shooter, including information on some of its weapons, vehicles, and locations.

Rather than summarise the details that we discovered concealed inside a Tesco carrier bag on a train near Derby, though, we’ve instead opted to produce a commentated presentation of all of the file's pages. Stick with us for the exclusive scoop on the follow up to Free Radical’s classic series, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more exclusive unveilings in the future.

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Carl-G said:

If the next TimeSplitters game doesn't have a 4 player off-line split-screen mode with Bots then I DON'T CARE! :-/ TimeSplitters 2 was my favourite PS2 game ever I would be happy if someone just bought out the 1st 3 for the PS4 really(hopefully TimeSplitters Rewind will come to the PS4 soon)



Batman said:

I really hope there aren't too many people upset by this piece. I bloody adore TimeSplitters, and I'm as upset as the next guy that we've heard nothing but whispers for 6 years. Hopefully you can all enjoy the joke and we can make enough noise (again) so that Crytek will be forced to sit up and take action!



NickRobots said:

Goddamnit, I was so excited
I seemed so legit until the actual "documents". Swines!



gr8apeb8 said:

I think I will show my brother this article without the reveal. He will soil his trousers with joy, and by this time next week I will reveal the cruel nature of this joke. He will then soil a kleenex with his tears of utter sorrow.



goonow said:

I always think that this will be the year i am not fooled, and then boom, this happens lol

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