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Uncharted PS4 Actor Todd Stashwick Has Been Recast

Posted by Sammy Barker

The plot thickens

Todd Stashwick may be helping Amy Hennig write Visceral Games’ upcoming Star Wars title, but he’s no longer in Uncharted PS4. According to IGN, the Hollywood star – who narrated the exclusive’s initial trailer – has been recast, meaning that we don’t actually know who any of the project's actors are any more. It’s safe to assume that Nolan North will reprise his role as protagonist Nathan Drake, but seeing as he was recently photographed with the aforementioned departees, even his involvement remains uncertain.

“They chose to recast my role,” the actor said succinctly. Exactly what this means for the state of the upcoming release remains unclear, but Sony has iterated on multiple occasions that the impending adventure’s development schedule has not been affected. Early rumours suggested that there was a falling out over the direction of the sequel, but the Californian company vehemently denied that pressure from The Last of Us directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley led to Hennig’s exit. Game director Justin Richmond left of his own volition late last month.

This marks the latest twist in an ongoing saga, which has seen numerous employees leave Naughty Dog over the past few months. Lead artist Nate Wells is the other most recent casualty, having announced earlier today that he has joined The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow. Exactly what the decision to recast Stashwick’s role means for Uncharted PS4 is not clear, but seeing as he’d supposedly been working on the project for six months, we reckon that any hope of the title releasing this year is gone at this point.


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GameDev345 said:

@TOMBOY25 Voice actor has been recast

I think this is just being blown out of proportion, was Todd Stashwick going to be the voice of Drake? cool



kupoid said:

It's not like they've lost anyone particularly important yet, imho. Wahaha. Also, this time, it was someone getting fired (as opposed to quitting).



Madd_Hatter401 said:

Lol fanboys.. It seems Sony is cutting ALOT of edges lately for some reason, I'd love to know why. Hopefully they are not trying to obtain 3rd party DLC exclusivity over making superior 1st party games as in my opinion they always have.



Kage_88 said:

Hope everything is alright over at Naughty Dog. They're one of my favourite developers, and I really can't wait for Uncharted 4.

Actually, I have a strange feeling that Nathan Drake won't be returning - and that the game will focus on a brand new set of characters ala Second Son. Because really, what more is there for Nate to do? Will he be raiding tombs as an old man, with his ever-suffering wife Elena by his side? Will Sully FINALLY die, as we've all been fearing constantly since Uncharted 2?



get2sammyb said:

@3Above Whoops, that was a rookie error. Thanks for the heads up. Have updated the article - apologies for the confusion.

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