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This $300 Vita DLC Doesn't Look Especially Cost Effective

Posted by Sammy Barker

A certain appeal, we suppose

People have paid more to see to see a pretty girl in her nightwear, but we’re not sure that this Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment pyjama add-on is worth the money that it’s currently fetching in Japan. The observant folks over at the Anime News Network spotted that online auctions for star Asuna’s limited edition bedtime costume are currently hitting highs of up to ¥30,000 – or an incredible $293 if you want a conversion.

The content was originally only available with pre-orders for the PlayStation Vita exclusive, leaving some latecomers scrambling for a copy of the unveiling outfit. Incredibly, the game itself – which launched in Japan earlier this week – only retails for ¥6,170 ($60), meaning that fans are willing to pay almost six times the price of the package itself for the skimpy negligee. They do say that some people have more money than sense.

Either way, we’re sure that publisher Bandai Namco will be happy to put the naughty nightie on the PlayStation Store when the game deploys in North America later this year. Hopefully it will charge a little less than the current Eastern asking fee, though, huh? Not even supper with Scarlett Johansson is worth $300...


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goonow said:

Really makes you wonder who these people are. TLC should do a speacial on it lol



Jaz007 said:

I don't even. I think you need help if you want to see her in that nightgown in your game that much.



Swiket said:

The title is kinda misleading IMO. I thought this article would be about a game with $300 DLC but selling off digital cosmetics for exorbitant prices is nothing new. A few months ago, someone bought a Dota 2 item for over $30,000.



InsertNameHere said:

Will someone please explain to me how her pajamas are even slightly skimpy? I keep hearing it, but I just can't see it!

On a more serious note, I'd be willing to pay $3 for this costume. I love Asuna and will defend her until my last breath, but $293 is insane.



Chouzetsu said:

They're paying that much because it's so rare rather than just because of the costume itself. The article title was a little misleading.



Alpha said:

Wait so its Confirmed that this is coming out in America? The Game i mean not the DLC lol. I just looked it up and couldnt find any relevent Info on the subject. Please show me it being confirmed, my GF will be really happy lol



TheLZdragon said:

Sometimes I wonder about the human species in general. I would say just Japan...but I'm sure there are perverts around the world



JaxonH said:

The Japanese are diehard fans when it comes to their favorite video games. Then you factor in all their weird fettishes. Ya, doesn't surprise me. But hey, their money right? I know I've spent absurd amounts of coin on collector's items and rare games before.



Heiki said:

I really want this game (just look at my avatar...), but I wonder if the Taiwanese version will actually include English as an option. I'd rather not get a digital copy if I can help it.



sinalefa said:

When I first read the headline, I thought that it was a special edition Vita that costs $300, then I saw DLC.



ToddlerNaruto said:

@SometimeAboutAI Where does it say that SAO: HF will be a digital/download-only title in North America, if you don't mind me asking?

(where exactly in the link/article I mean)

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