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This PS4 Game Will Allow You to Expose the Underwear of Strangers

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sounds pants

Sexual assault isn’t a crime when you’re saving the world, so thank heavens for Akiba’s Trip 2. The curious underwear obsessed escapade – which was recently announced for release on the PlayStation 3 and Vita in Western territories – is receiving a PlayStation 4 port in Japan, complete with added swimwear content, enhanced graphics, smoother loading times, and interactive streaming functionality like Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition.

For those out of the loop, the title – which is set in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district – sees you repelling an enemy threat known as Synthisters by stripping them of their clothes in broad daylight. These foes look and act just like normal civilians, so you’ll need to use a special in-game smartphone app to track them down and relieve them of their attire. Pick on the wrong person, and you’ll be paying for your actions with more than just a red face.

The port’s due out on 3rd July in Japan, and will set you back ¥5,180 ($50). There’s no word on whether XSEED will bring this version overseas alongside its PS3 and Vita counterparts, but if there’s not much additional localisation work involved, we’d say that it’s a certainty. Are you ready to air your flesh in public? Take off your pants and jacket in the comments section below. (That’s just a joke by the way – any acts of naturism will come with a ban.)


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artemisthemp said:

This is both a good and bad news.

Good because people now have the option to wait for PS4 version but, it's also bad because the low sales nr. on PS3 and Vita version may cause Xseed to believe people doesn't want the game AKA no PS4 version in the West



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I can't imagine an actual plot for this game. How could get harder and harder? More clothing to remove?



divinelite said:

I am okay with games like this and senran kagura on hand. I play and watch them myself, but not for big screen gaming... Will be considered weird by other family member



ThreadShadow said:

And yet there's no market for much better games which lay languishing on Japanese shores as we speak?

"Japan is over. We're done. Our game industry is finished."-Keiji Inafune TGS 2009.



AVahne said:

Wait, there's a PS3 version as well? And now a PS4 version? Pretty cool. Still gonna just get the Vita version.

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