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This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That PlayStation All-Stars Hasn't Been Forgotten

Posted by Sammy Barker

Brain battle

Fighting game fans are well known for getting into the nitty-gritty of their favourite brawlers, but these PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale patch notes provided by Sony Santa Monica are something else. Despite the mascot mash-up being a being a bigger commercial flop than New Coke, the aforementioned developer is still busy beavering away on an update for the release – and it includes the above AP eject formula. We feel like we’re back at school.

In truth, few of the improvements heading to SuperBot Entertainment’s underappreciated beat-‘em-up will interest the average button basher. This is very much a balance patch, with throws and air dodges now mostly standardized across the board. We’re talking about minute tweaks, so unless you play the game at a professional level in slow motion, you’re probably not going to notice the majority of the changes.

Still, one interesting addition is the ability to stop timed Super Moves prematurely. It’s also possible to discard AP – which is the metre that builds as you attack adversaries – by double tapping the L2 button during a taunt. As for the aforementioned formula, that basically makes it easier to hold onto AP as your level increases. Er, we think. To be honest, we've been sitting staring at the equation for several minutes, and still don't fully understand it.

Nevertheless, kudos to Sony Santa Monica for sticking with the game. We’re not sure what the title’s active player count looks like these days, but it seems to still have a rabid fanbase in some corners of the web. And so it should, we really enjoyed the release – even if we were in the minority.


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rjejr said:

Just in time to have it added to PS+? Maybe? Well it has to happen eventually they're going to run out of games



kingandaval said:

This game does not excite me in any shape or form. Cool idea but executed awfully.



adf86 said:

I hope Sony hasn't given up on the franchise cos I think they can do something that becomes the fan service that it should have been. I know a lot of people wanted Crash & Spyro in the game but if Sony had trouble getting the licensing agreements then maybe a follw up with a robust create a fighter feature might help with that.



naruball said:

I thought it was incredible and only did badly because people hated it without giving it a proper chance. Too similar to Smash, not similar to smash. You name it. I played quite a few hours (at least 15) and had tons of fun. Don't really like multiplayer and my friends didn't wanna play it, so it lost its appeal to me, but overall it was great.



JaxonH said:

I graphed the function shown above, and the result is 3 lines with slopes of .3333, .0667 and .1333. Which basically means that up until the 150 threshold, AP increases at the highest rate. After you reach 150, AP continues to increase but at a slower rate. If you reach 600, AP will increase at a slightly higher rate than before, but not near the rate of your first 150.

The first function has the highest slope (.3333). But after x=150 the slope decreases to .0667. After x=600 the slope increases to .1333 Therefore, you get the most bang for your buck while below 150, the second most bang for your buck above 600, and you are at the greatest disadvantage while between 150 and 600.

Perhaps someone who plays the game regularly can make sense of what that means in regard to AP and level thresholds.



Shellybird27 said:

@JaxonH Holy ****, you're smart. No way in hell i could figure that out.

But this game was incredibly fun, i absolutely HATED the nintendo fanbase because of it. They were real jerks to this game, and i avoided Nintendo for like 2 solid months, because it disgusted me so much.



JaxonH said:


Majored in math.

Ya, there's ignorance in all fanbases. The minute a person starts placing loyalty to platform ahead of loyalty to gaming, ignorance abounds.

I'll be honest- I like Smash Bros infinitely more than this game, BUT, this was a solid first attempt at it, and by no means a bad game. I tried it at a Vita demo station at Gamestop, and liked it enough to buy it so, yeah. Also, until Smash Bros 4 releases on 3DS, there ISN'T one on a handheld, so until that game releases this is where it's at for handhelds.



kensredemption said:

If the characters weren't so imbalanced and the stages weren't so easy to corner people in, this game would've been much more fun than frustrating. I'd rather Santa Monica and HAL Labs got together and made a Nintendo/Sony brawler that'll keep the fanboys and fangirls busy instead of trolling online all the time.



Kage_88 said:

Unfortunately, this game didn't hold my interest for long. Compared to the tight design of Smash Bros, PSASBR seemed to be very amateurishly-made, IMO.

Doesn't help that it seemed to further prove that Sony has an inferiority complex in regards to copying Nintendo.

...And before I get roasted in flames, yes, I KNOW Nintendo didn't 'invent' the mascot mash-up - but PS All-Stars was a very clear attempt by Sony to emulate Smash Bros' success, without really knowing WHY Smash Bros is so successful.

Sony is so much better at fostering original ideas, rather than riffing on the competition. Games like Echocrome, Locoroco, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Puppeteer, Rain, Tearaway, Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us are proof of that.



Carl-G said:

I loved this game Shame good old Crash Bandicoot never made it to the game tho



rastamadeus said:

@rjejr I'd put good money on it being one if the new year-long games given away for PS3 in June. Has a load of DLC (read: opportunity for money) and is a decent little fighting game. It's by no means anything special but it's fun for an hour or two.

@Shellybird27 Because only Nintendo fans do that, don't they? Almost everything you say on here is so ridiculously Sony-biased that I imagine a good proportion of people ignore you too. There's nothing wrong with being pro-Sony but to effectively bury your head in the sand and proclaim everything they do superior to anyone else is just childish

Why can't fanboys just appreciate all games regardless of who makes them. It's pathetic and becoming as bad as football fans (United fans singing about Hillsborough and Liverpool ones retorting about Munich).

@Kage_88 Spot on. That's why I get annoyed when we see there's going to be another Uncharted or another Killzone, as when I was on the outside looking in Sony always looked like a company who made new franchises per generation (Crash on PS1, Jak on PS2 for example). They were brave enough to stop games at the right time. PS All-Stars though was just an attempt to get some easy money for Sony. Even so it could have been a really good game - there's so much potential in any mascot fighting game - but it just gets dull quickly whereas the manic mess of Smash is addictive as hell.



Cloud7794 said:

@rastamadeus To be fair with the Nintendo fanbase, I've noticed that many of them believe Nintendo to be the only company to ever innovate, sans MS in one or two areas. I've been told how Sony ripped off nintendo with analog sticks (really?) and that the PS Eye was a ripoff off Kinect. Where do they even get that last part?

That's really my only beef with that fanbase though, besides the occasional "Vita is dead; Wii U is just unrealized potential" troll.



rjejr said:

@rastamadeus - " I'd put good money on it being one if the new year-long games given away for PS3 in June."

Yeah, that makes so much sense, make it an evergreen IGC title rather than a 1 shot. I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't think of that. I guess in my head whenever it went on, it was never coming off, ever, as they would find a way to moneitze it w/ new characters and levels, basically turning it into a fee-to-play like LBP. Which reminds me I still need to buy the last level pack.



Shellybird27 said:

@rastamadeus You miss my point, I'm more of a sony fan-yes. But i just ordered a Wii u with like 34 games for only. 400(so excited). Just pissed off that no one even gave the game a chance. Bit of an overreaction on you're part but whatever. This is why I hate talking on a forumn, everyone always misses your point, and you get called a fanboy. Every damn time(at least for me).



eLarkos said:

I think the developers could have avoided a lot of the hate if they had openly paid some homage to the game they were blatantly ripping off. I didn't see one interview where they praised SSB and acknowledged it as their inspiration. For this reason I think they deserved all the hate it got.



Jazzer94 said:

@Shellybird27 I gave it a chance and found it turned out to be okay at best but inferior to any Smash Bros even though I only paid £15 for it I don't know a lot of things felt sloppy like menu designs, cut scenes, balancing issues (Kratos), Very hit and miss stages I mean me and my brother gave it a shot I even tried it with my friends but we just ended up playing Melee and Brawl again because they are quite literally better games.

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