Fighting game fans are well known for getting into the nitty-gritty of their favourite brawlers, but these PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale patch notes provided by Sony Santa Monica are something else. Despite the mascot mash-up being a being a bigger commercial flop than New Coke, the aforementioned developer is still busy beavering away on an update for the release – and it includes the above AP eject formula. We feel like we’re back at school.

In truth, few of the improvements heading to SuperBot Entertainment’s underappreciated beat-‘em-up will interest the average button basher. This is very much a balance patch, with throws and air dodges now mostly standardized across the board. We’re talking about minute tweaks, so unless you play the game at a professional level in slow motion, you’re probably not going to notice the majority of the changes.

Still, one interesting addition is the ability to stop timed Super Moves prematurely. It’s also possible to discard AP – which is the metre that builds as you attack adversaries – by double tapping the L2 button during a taunt. As for the aforementioned formula, that basically makes it easier to hold onto AP as your level increases. Er, we think. To be honest, we've been sitting staring at the equation for several minutes, and still don't fully understand it.

Nevertheless, kudos to Sony Santa Monica for sticking with the game. We’re not sure what the title’s active player count looks like these days, but it seems to still have a rabid fanbase in some corners of the web. And so it should, we really enjoyed the release – even if we were in the minority.