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This Is as Close as You're Likely to Get to Playing Grand Theft Auto V on Your Vita

Posted by Kell Andersen

Give him the chop

You may recall a tiny little game from last year called Grand Theft Auto V. It was a pretty low key affair, only managing to make a measly $1 billion in three days, so we really can't blame you if it passed you by. Jokes aside, the perceptive among you will remember that the boisterous behemoth shipped with a free iOS app that allowed you to perform various in-game functions while on the go.

Aptly titled iFruit, the second screen experience lets you customise your cars, check your LifeInvader profile, and, most importantly of all, feed your adorable dog, Chop. If you didn't try out the add-on when the game was originally released, fear not, as Rockstar has finally decided to deploy it on the PlayStation Vita. So far it's popped up in the North American PlayStation Store, but you can bet your stolen helicopter that it'll make an appearance on the European shop soon enough.

In truth, this is several months late, but we're holding out hope that it may hint at an impending PlayStation 4 release of the open world opus. Will you be picking up this handheld extra, or have you already spent enough time in Los Santos? Go on a rampage in the comments section below.


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Alpha said:

I wonder.... maybe this is a sign its coming to PS4? i dont own one but i do believe that this would look amazing on the platform



Kezabien2 said:

I actually missed GTA V (I sold my PS3 just before it was released) so would LOVE it to come to PS4!



Midzark said:

YYYYEEEESSSSS!!! Please say this is a nice hint it's coming to PS4!! Whoop!!! I'd buy it again (had it for xbox 360 before selling xbox when got PS4!) really miss it and would love nothin more than to be able to jump back in and play online and also complete the single player all over again!! Whoop I'd even choose a different ending choice!!



italodance said:

Why everyone is talking about GTA on PS4?
It's about getting closer to Vita

And yeah just one word awesome!!!

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