Ubisoft is known for its gigantic global development operations, but the recruitment of Red Storm to PlayStation 4 shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division is a little bit ridiculous. According to an official blog post on the French publisher’s website, the legendary Rainbow Six creator has been enlisted to design the ambitious online excursion’s weapons. No, really – that’s it.

Currently, the company has three dedicated artists in North Carolina who are working with a team member at primary developer Massive Entertainment to construct a full arsenal of fierce firepower. The studio was selected due to its history working on Tom Clancy titles, but it seems bonkers that another outfit has been pulled onto the production battlefield for such a specific element.

“We know that that we can build absolutely the most authentic piece of equipment, right down to the millimetre,” explained Red Storm producer Tony Sturtzel. “And the guys who are coming in from the gameplay side maybe want to push the envelope a bit, which is a great jumping off point to push the collaboration, because we have to get together regularly and talk about it from both sides.”

Newcastle-based outfit Ubisoft Reflections is also collaborating on the project, as well as aiding production on both Watch Dogs and The Crew. At least if you work for the Assassin’s Creed maker, you can be confident that you’ll always have something different to do. Nevertheless, overseeing these colossal projects must give the creative leads nightmares.

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