It's not odd in Japanese RPGs to have that single character who's a bit different from the rest of the party. Whether they're a ghost forever haunting an entire franchise or a robot controlled by one of the enemies, there's always one. When Tales of Zestiria, the latest flagship title in the long running Tales series, revealed that its third party member was a divine spirit unable to be seen by humans, we thought that he would be the piggy in the middle. However, it seems that this theory has lost its grounding with the reveal of fifth party member, Lyla.

Along with Mikulio and Edna, she too is a divine with control over the element of fire. Set up to be the mother hen of the party – even though some of her ideas may not be quite down to earth – she's the one who formed a contract with protagonist Slay and helped him to become a priest. Armed with magic book pages, she'll be able to deal some nasty paper cuts to your enemies in combat. Do you think that this is a party gimmick gone out of control, or is it refreshing to have a unique set-up? Leave your prayers in the comments section below.