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Sportsfriends Brings Multiplayer Mayhem to the PS3 and PS4 on 6th May

Posted by Kell Andersen

Joust a few more days

After an almost unbearable wait, multiplayer indie compilation Sportsfriends is finally seeing a console release. Originally funded on Kickstarter, the title includes four separate local multiplayer experiences, and will be launching on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on 6th May in North America and 7th May in Europe. Oh, and if you buy the PS3 version but want to upgrade later, you'll be entitled to a free download of the PS4 version. Neat

The pack includes the hilarious pole-vaulting simulator Super Pole Riders, as well as minimalistic sports title Hokra and also Smash Bros-inspired brawler BariBariBall. But for our money, the real standout here is the absurdly inventive Johann Sebastian Joust, which sees you using PlayStation Move controllers to duke it out in a physical battle of wits. It may just be one of the most bizarre and ingenious uses of a motion controller to date.

Will you be picking up Sportsfriends? Do you enjoy local multiplayer, or is online the only way to go? Flail your Move controllers about wildly in the comments section below.


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Ziggy73701 said:

I backed this from the early days on Kickstarter, have seen various demos and rolling footage and I can't wait!!!!!

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