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Sony Really Would Like You to Play the PS4 Version of MLB 14 The Show

Posted by Kell Andersen

Just ballin'

The newest iteration of Sony's popular baseball sim MLB 14 The Show recently released on the PlayStation 3, with the PlayStation 4 version not too far away either. Unsurprisingly, then, the Japanese giant has released a brand new trailer that highlights the many and varied reasons that you should take aim at the newer edition.

The trailer claims, among other things, that the leather in the next-gen version looks markedly better. Well, er, that's handy to know. In any case, we gave the sport-'em-up an admirable 7/10 in our review of the PS3 outing, noting that the last-gen version felt like it might have been given less attention than its newer counterpart. While this is all just hypothesising, at least we know that the leather will look immaculate on the PS4, right?

What do you make of this tantalising trailer? Do you think that the leather looks better, or are the platform holder's comments completely baseless? Make a home run in the comments section below.


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k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb It's like cricket, isn't it? Right? Probably? On topic, though, I'm tempted to buy this just so I can look at it a whole bunch...



k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb Ahhh, Tru Blu Games - the studio behind such classic titles as uh.....and uhm......

Look, I think I'll just stick with MLB. Though, I have heard that the leather in Don Bradman Cricket 14 looks impeccable!



k_andersen said:

@Ginkgo Huh, there you go If I'm honest, sports games aren't really my bag, but as you alluded, how could I refuse the Don?



Carl-G said:

I used to download the demos of this each year off the USA PSN store for the PS3 and could never work out how to hit the dam balls So i gave up. It looked nice anyway;)



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Being someone from the states, I am quite lost when it comes to cricket. I consider myself a big sports guy, but I know nothing about that one. Who's this Don guy? (Not trying to make anyone mad, I promise)



k_andersen said:

@Cowboysfan-22 Ahahaha, that's all good Don Bradman was a really famous Australian cricketer. As for knowing about the sport, I don't think anyone will be too angry - most of the people I know think cricket's boring anyway!



4estGump said:

They're spending all this time improving hair and leather textures, but the one thing I've been wanting from any sports title, or any title for a matter of fact, is response and reaction to the situation. Instead of being grimaced the whole time, how about teeth-cliching and narrowed brow in that video of the player sliding to beat the ball? If it was older technology, I'd understand, but if they are hyping how much detail they can put into a game, give me some realistic attributes. How about turning around while walking, instead of making the turn first, then walk. In Madden, make realistic facial expressions when you just cost the team the winning touchdown. Really makes me upset that year after year, they try to be realistic, but there are simple things they can do to rectify or alleviate some of those problems.

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