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Rumour: The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Will Be Defying Gravity on Vita in June

Posted by Kell Andersen

Lombax to the future

Late last year, we learned that Insomniac Games had originally planned to bring Ratchet & Clank's PlayStation 3 swansong Into the Nexus to the PlayStation Vita. While that rumour never eventuated, it now seems that the studio may also be thinking about bringing the franchise's original trilogy to Sony's signature handheld. Online retailer has a full listing for the game, including a PEGI 7 rating and a shiny 20th June release date.

Oddly, the description listed on the site states that you can look forward to playing the title in "stunning high-definition for the PS3". So, uh, perhaps it's best to not put too much stock into this one for the time being. With that said, someone did go to the trouble of creating a poorly Photoshopped mock-up cover art, so the jury may still be out.

Would you be interested in reliving this classic trio on your portable? Did you already pick up the PS3 version of this updated collection? Yell at Lawrence in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

I reckon this is probably true. They're bringing Sly and GoW - why not Ratchet, too?



divinelite said:

3 collection in two months? Isnt that bad because one collectio may spawn 100hours alone?



Axl_abe said:

I sent this in from twitter and got excited to see an article so quickly. But kinda kinda bummed there wasnt a shoutout or anything. If this something pushsquare doesnt do?



Carl-G said:

BRILLIANT PS2 games they are Didn't buy them again tho for the PS3. Hopefully there will be more R&C games for the PS4 to. I just LOVE'EM & after all these years i am still not bored of them really.



JaxonH said:

Well, I love the idea of having Jak and Daxter Collection, Sly Cooper Collection, and Ratchet and Clank Collection all on Vita. However, after receiving JaD only to find the framerate struggles just to maintain a solid 20fps with mega slowdown and choppy movement, I have to admit my enthusiasm for more collections on Vita has been dampered quite a bit.



Gamer83 said:


Unfortunately that's mostly what we'll be getting, seems like outside of Japan Studio, others can't be bothered putting original releases on it anymore. I'll say though, much as I like the Vita, if it's being sacrificed so companies can focus on PS4 instead, that doesn't bother me too much. The PlayStation brand was at its best when there was a singular focus on home console gaming.

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