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Rumour: Sony Stupidly Sets PSN Maintenance for Easter Monday

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There’s a long weekend on the way – but Sony seems eager to encourage you to go outside and play. Apparently, the platform holder is planning a period of PlayStation Network maintenance starting 16:00PM BST on 21st April through until 04:00AM BST on 22nd April. There’s nothing especially abnormal about that – aside from the fact that it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK.

The snippet comes courtesy of a tweet by community manager Chris Owen, which has since been deleted. Alas, our friends over at The Sixth Axis managed to catch a screen grab of the message before it was pulled, confirming that this was certainly on the cards at one point. Our hope is that the platform holder has seen sense, and decided to postpone the period of inactivity.

Should that not be the case, you will still be able to play online – assuming that you've logged into your PSN account 24 hours prior to the downtime. Alas, with a scorching weekend in store, you may have other plans in mind. Regardless, as the abovementioned publication rightly points out, you definitely won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store – and its previously revealed Easter sale.

It’s true that the Bank Holiday only applies in Europe, with much of the United States set to go back to work on 21st April, but a bit of foresight could have avoided this whole sorry scenario. Let’s hope that the manufacturer’s now aware of its error, and decided to reschedule the maintenance to a more convenient time.


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MadchesterManc said:

Dat maintenence I'll probably be playing DW8 still anyway, which curiously doesn't require online access.....



thedevilsjester said:

I don't mind maintenance, its surely better than having the infrastructure go down unexpectedly, but if they just asked me personally what the best time would be, that would be helpful, thanks!



Jaz007 said:

Maybe this is Sony's way of saying "Spend time with your family instead of playing PS4."



rjejr said:

Sounds like the decision was made by the guy who runs our school district. Our kids were scheduled off for next Monday and yesterday for Spring break but lost both days to make up snow days. The day off after Easter has always been kind of a recovery day so not a big deal, but opening the schools for 1 day - Monday - and having the rest of the week off is just plain stupid.

Worse yet, yesterday was about 60` and sunny and today is a torrential all day long cold and windy downpour. Stupid school district.



kensredemption said:

Well...I won't be able to play XIV, Warframe, Blacklight or DCUO but I still have Ground Zeroes, Awesomenauts and Freedom Cry.

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