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Rumour: PS4 Exclusive Resogun May Be Getting Local Co-Op DLC

Posted by Kell Andersen

Standby for arguments

Resogun is a remarkably intense solo experience. Dodging and weaving your way through millions of voxels is a complete thrill by any standard. But as we noted in our review, the game quite notably lacks a local co-op mode. And while the online multiplayer may be fun, it's not quite the same as having a friend sitting mere metres away from you, ready to bring a world of pain as penance for any paltry slip-up.

We're happy to report, then, that Housemarque has recently been teasing such a feature on Twitter. The Finnish studio tweeted out the above picture, which clearly shows two people testing out their shooting skills together. What's more, the message itself stated that this is the "first of many things to come", suggesting that this will form a part of the DLC that the developer has been talking about. It's certainly not an out and out confirmation, but it'd be a pretty mean tease if it didn't indicate something to come.

Would you be interested in a local co-op mode for Resogun, or do you prefer to rely on your own wit and cunning? Save the last humans in the comments section below.


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mmarkster said:

That would be great. Especially for those who are trying to get that 1CC Trophy.



thedevilsjester said:

As awesome as this sounds in theory, I don't think it would be very enjoyable. Split screen would be terrible, and being stuck to the same screen would be even worse.



ztpayne7 said:

For the right price, I'd definitely be interested in trying it out! Hopefully you wouldn't share lives...



Edwin_Garcia said:

This was the first game that showed me that the ps4 was a much more social console than its predecessor. Plugged in the mic and chased the trophies with friends while in a party chat. Hopefully new trophies are included in the dlc



Tasuki said:

I would love a co-op mode as long as it's split screen it should be fine.



hammergrantN7 said:

That would be great. There is really nothing to play locally on the ps4 apart from the sports game and resogun was great fun so I think this is long overdue

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