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Rock Band Could Yet Make a Racket on Your PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Who loves rock-'n'-roll?

Much like Aztec Bars and Panda Pops, Harmonix’s once popular Rock Band franchise appealed to a particular period. With plastic peripherals filling out store shelves like other products didn’t exist, the music game bubble was loud like a Rancid record. However, as with any boy band, the craze quickly came to an end, with the excellent Rock Band 3 representing the last major release in the promptly unplugged property.

Alas, speaking during a keynote at PAX East earlier today, studio boss Alex Rigopulos has hinted that the firm may be tuning up its guitars ahead of a next-gen comeback tour. GameSpot reports that the company has “grand plans” to bring the series back on next-gen consoles, though the abovementioned gaffer wouldn’t confirm a specific sequel just yet. Instead, he simply stressed that the outfit intends to return to the formula with “guns blazing”.

Whether or not the executive’s referring to a full entry with plastic instruments or some kind of Rock Band Blitz-esque spin-off remains to be seen, but Activision has also hinted that it would be willing to return to the stage with Guitar Hero at some point in the future, too. We’re not entirely convinced that there’s a market for these types of titles anymore, but we suppose that there’s nothing quite like it yet on the PlayStation 4. Would you be willing to irritate your neighbours all over again? Strum out your sequel suggestions in the comments section below.


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ztpayne7 said:

I loved rock band and would be absolutely on board if two things happen. 1) the price isn't ridiculous and 2) they figure out some kind of legacy mode where your old songs and old instruments work. I don't even mind if it's a handicap (buzz ps2 controllers weren't wireless but they were a cheap option). With as many songs as they released, there will be backlash if there's no compatibility.



SethPuddle said:

this would be great. I for one always loved rock band and guitar hero and I miss it quite a bit.



CrazyOtto said:

I remember when Rock Band was niche in comparison to Guitar Hero, now Rock Band is the only one that still gets made.



-CraZed- said:

Sammy my friend there is a market for the Rock Band series and I am a part of it. Many of my PS3 RB mates are still playing and the forums are still alive and kicking.
I sold my PS3 to help pay for my PS4 purchase and of all the peripherals I had I saved my Move controllers (knew they come in handy on PS4) and my Rock Band gear! While I have no way to use them I have been holding out faith that Harmonix would come through with a next gen RB title.
I think it won't reach the heights of RB 2 or GH but they will sell a few discs and DL song titles with a next gen release. Trust me.



kensredemption said:

I don't know...I mean, the Wii U maintains backwards compatibility with ALL of the accessories AND games from last gen. I'm still using my old Beatles guitar for RB3 and TB:RB. Plus, ALL of my DLC purchases transferred over. I played this a lot on the PS3 as well, but when I found out my purchases and accessories were incompatible I decided to give all of my instruments - save for the microphone - to my nephews. Now they're jamming it out with my old Pro Drums and Guitar...I should have invested into the Wii's peripherals if I knew this would happen. -Sigh- Oh well.



Kawaiipikachu said:

It's sad that Rockband is alive & kicking yet the franchise that has better quality control Guitar Hero is dead.

I don't see how rockband can be praised when they push out more DLC than what there quality control team thus 70% of Rockbands DLC ends up being broken.

Plus they ignore Record Labels that refuse relicense songs for the import feature which means many gamers favourites are basicly blatantly ignored in favour of giving the import system the illusion of not being broken.

Even Rockband III had poor quality controll where if came with game breaking bugs.
To top that one of they refused to fix the Wii version when Activision on the other hand replaced disc's for the Wii version of Guitar Hero II with it's minor audio bug.

So in other words with how badly Harmonix treated the franchise in the past there be no real point to this latest game.



kensredemption said:

@Kawaiipikachu ...You DO realize that Harmonix were the original developers of the Guitar Hero franchise that was then stolen from them by Activision and turned into the God-awful monstrosity it became? Even its last iterations were a sad attempt at parodying RB's flawless mechanics. Damned microphones couldn't even catch the correct pitch for singers no matter how hard they tried. Don't get me started on those drums either.

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