This wasn’t exactly the most eventful week on Planet PlayStation, with the industry all but shutting up shop ahead of E3 in June. Nevertheless, there were some big developments pertaining to Uncharted PS4, with the departure of yet more Naughty Dog staff. Sony also dated the PlayStation 4’s latest firmware update, while Octodad: Dadliest Catch has been keeping us entertained on the next-gen machine.


Octodad: Dadliest Catch - 7/10

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game that embraces its craziness. The title’s zany controls lead to some even stranger onscreen occurrences, and that culminates in a lot of unexpected entertainment. The release does start to grate in long sessions, and perhaps doesn’t have enough gameplay variety to carry its core idea, but with PlayStation Move support and a ridiculous co-op component, the package will spread a smile across even the sternest countenance.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle - 7/10

For fans, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is sure to satisfy almost any degree of craving for Hirohiko Araki's crazy creation. It not only manages to capture the feel of the source material superbly, but also succeeds in being a technically competent and thoroughly enjoyable fighter. The lack of a tutorial, a stunted story mode, and the inclusion of a poorly judged free-to-play component drains some of the colour from the experience, but as soon as you land that special heart attack, you'll quickly forget all about its shortcomings.

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First Impressions: Taking a Toll Free Tour of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on PS4

Did you like hurting other people? If so, then you were no doubt very happy when a new Hotline Miami game was revealed to be in the works. The critical and commercial success of the original made the sequel a virtual certainty, and with Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number due for release later this year, we got the chance to take the PlayStation 4 version out for a neon and blood soaked killing spree.

Feature: Six of Our Best Photos in inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4

While plenty of developers try to trick consumers with less than authentic screenshots, first-party outfit Sucker Punch has been pretty upfront about its superhero sequel since it was announced last year. Indeed, inFAMOUS: Second Son is arguably the best looking game available on the PlayStation 4 right now, and having sampled the slew of in-game artwork captured by the title’s community, the studio has now implemented a feature allowing you to properly pull your best Peter Parker impression and score some super snazzy snaps. With that in mind, we’ve gathered together a selection of staff members in order to show off our very best captures.

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Uncharted PS4 Actor Todd Stashwick Has Been Recast

Todd Stashwick may be helping Amy Hennig write Visceral Games’ upcoming Star Wars title, but he’s no longer in Uncharted PS4. According to IGN, the Hollywood star – who narrated the exclusive’s initial trailer – has been recast, meaning that we don’t actually know who any of the project's actors are any more. It’s safe to assume that Nolan North will reprise his role as protagonist Nathan Drake, but seeing as he was recently photographed with the aforementioned departees, even his involvement remains uncertain.

PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Be Going Live on 30th April

There's been murmurings about it for weeks now, but PlayStation 4 firmware update v1.70 has finally been given a firm launch date. That's right, Sony has announced that the patch will be going live on 30th April. Obviously, this is a pretty big boon for console owners themselves, but it also means that we don't have to write anymore articles speculating about the long awaited update's release. Huzzah!

Believe It or Not, PS4 Has Way More Games Than You Think It Does

The announcement of Sony’s next-gen sales figures have ushered in some unexpected vitriol over the otherwise uneventful Easter weekend. In particular, many have been keen to criticise the PlayStation 4’s opening months, indicating that the console’s somewhat lean first few weeks on the market have culminated in a deathly dearth of content to play. In other words: what are the system’s seven million owners doing with the device other than using it as an expensive paper weight?

Equip Your Sword of Hype + 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition Has a New Gameplay Trailer

It might be swamped in clichés, but Dragon Age: Inquisition's new gameplay trailer should get any fan's bloodied hands trembling with excitement. Following on from yesterday's glorious box art reveal, the video focuses on the Inquisitor – your player character – and shows off some cutscenes, combat, and exploration all within about two minutes.

Here's Your First Look at the Next Call of Duty for PS4

Call of Duty: Ghosts may have taken a mauling from the press, but it still managed to cement Activision’s first-person franchise as one of the most popular entertainment properties on the planet, rarely falling from the top of the charts in Europe or North America. Alas, the publisher knows that it needs to put plenty of work in to ensure the brand’s esteemed status moving forwards, and that’s exactly what this year’s entry from Sledgehammer Games intends to do.

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Video: Skylanders: Trap Team Announced, Demoed on PS4

If there’s one thing that we love more than video games, it’s video games with dozens of physical toys attached to them. Family Gamer TV recently attended the Skylanders: Trap Team launch event in London, and caught up with Jeff Poffenbarger, who’s the executive producer on the game. He outlined the new Trapping features found in this year’s title – turn your attention to the video for more – while also outlining why Activision opted to demo the game on the PlayStation 4.