We’re a little later than usual with this week’s Push Rewind recap following the Easter holiday, but while we may be several pounds heavier at the present, that’s not stopping us from looking back on all of the biggest news and reviews on Planet PlayStation lately. Arguably the biggest story over the past seven days pertained to the PlayStation 4’s sales figures, as it managed to hold off the Xbox One in the US in spite of the hotly anticipated release of Titanfall. Sony’s system also surpassed seven million units sold globally, which is impressive considering that it’s only been available for a few months.


Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - 9/10

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn proves that Square Enix’s series is special, even when it’s presented as an MMO. Moreover, this excellent upgrade shows that the PS4 is capable of bringing PC quality online escapades into the living room. The narrative could still use an overhaul, and the PvP content isn’t up to the standard of the rest of the game, but the added horsepower of Sony’s new system and overall improvements since its PS3 launch mean that you shouldn’t think twice about taking the trip to Eorzea this time around.

Trials Fusion - 9/10

Trials Fusion is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4, there’s no doubt about that. Convince your friends to get it, and established relationships will turn sour faster than an Evel Knievel-esque stunt. Challenging, funny, and exciting – gaming rarely gets any better than this.

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Talking Point: How Frequently Do You Want PS4 Firmware Updates?

Firmware updates on the PlayStation 3 were serious business. Take a gander at some of our older articles on the subject and you’ll spot more than a handful of prickly jabs pointed at people that complained about the constant need to update the console. In hindsight, it was a problem, with the system seemingly taking an age to pull down files and install them – a wait which was particularly pronounced when you’d just picked up a new game and were eager to play. Sony said back when the PlayStation Vita launched that it was aiming to reduce the number of patches that it published to quell this issue, and while it didn’t pan out immediately, it’s certainly the case now. Why, then, are message boards and social networks ablaze with complaints regarding the lack of meaningful PlayStation 4 tweaks?

Talking Point: What Are Your Favourite PlayStation Easter Eggs?

We all know that Easter eggs are at their absolute best when they’re big, brown, and made out of chocolate. However, just because you can’t beat a sugary oval filled with Cadbury’s finest fondant, doesn’t mean that the tasty treats stashed inside video games aren’t also entertaining. We took a look back at 12 of the very best secrets stored in several PlayStation releases last year, but in order to celebrate the season – and poach an ancient idea – we’ve compiled our clan in order to discuss some of our personal favourite classified gaming inclusions.

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March NPD: PS4 Overcomes Titanfall to Top Hardware Charts Again

Titanfall may have made the Xbox One the faraway frontrunner in the United States sales battle last month, but the PlayStation 4 extended its lead on Microsoft’s home turf with another unexpected victory in the all-important territory. The triumph cements a sales double-whammy for platform holder Sony, after it announced that its next-gen system had surpassed seven million units globally overnight.

Crikey, PS4 Sales Have Now Surpassed 7 Million Units Worldwide

Fiction is fast becoming fact, as it seems that nothing can derail the PlayStation 4 hype train. It’s been little over a month since Sony announced that it had sold 6 million next-gen consoles worldwide, but it’s now bumped that number up to 7 million units, which is absolutely outrageous when you consider that it’s only been available for some five months or so. The numbers are accurate as of 6th April, and represent systems sold to consumers, so there are no shipped shenanigans going on here.

PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Add New Sharing Options and HDCP Support

After what seems like an eternity (read: a couple of weeks), Sony has released some solid information regarding the incoming PlayStation 4 firmware update v1.70, and the new additions are looking pretty nifty. Most notably, the Japanese giant has added an entirely new video editing and sharing software suite that'll give you a slew of social options.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition Will Also Build a Path to Brick and Mortar Stores

Sony clearly understands the importance of Minecraft, as it’s confirmed that the PlayStation 4 and Vita editions of the build-‘em-up will also receive a physical release. Yesterday, the company attached a May deploy date to the boxed version of the popular PlayStation 3 game, but it seems equally eager to get the next-gen versions of the title onto store shelves.

PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Recharges with Photo Mode

Sucker Punch’s superhero sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son is an outrageously attractive game, and you’ll be able to prove just how picturesque the streets of Seattle are as part of the package’s brand new patch. Set to release sometime tomorrow, the new Photo Mode will allow you to create custom screenshots from the game – and it sounds like there’s going to be a serious suite of options at your disposal.

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Opinion: Could SHAREfactory on PS4 Become a Bit of a Cash Cow?

When the reports regarding an overhauled video editing suite for the PlayStation 4 first dropped, we weren’t expecting it to offer much. You’re already able to add titles to video clips on the Xbox One, and so we were anticipating something similar on Sony’s next-gen machine. However, when rumours relating to the involvement of the Sony Vegas Pro development team started to circulate, our expectations rose.