Sony's gone firmware update mad, with the PlayStation Vita receiving a system software refresh in order to accompany the PlayStation 4. Unlike it's home console counterpart, however, the diminutive device's upgrade is a little more straightforward, merely improving Remote Play functionality to make the initial setup procedure that bit easier.

Previously, this required you to type in an eight digit code in order to link a next-gen machine with your handheld, but the device's latest firmware update will handle this process for you, assuming that you're logged in to the same account on both machines. It's not exactly a colossal change, but it should get you to your games quicker.

There's no word on whether this update will add any additional features, but the patch notes for the PS4 were pretty comprehensive, so we're guessing that the absence of bullet points in the Vita category means that there's nothing else of note. Nevertheless, we'll take a thorough look when the download deploys, and let you know if we spot anything else.