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PS4's Virtual Reality Headset to Star in London Showcase

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Months of rumours preceded its unveiling, but now that Project Morpheus is out in the open, platform holder Sony is finally free to talk about the PlayStation 4 headset openly. As a consequence, the Japanese giant will be holding a special developer’s evening in London later this week, where it will discuss the construction of virtual reality experiences to an audience of up to 55 industry attendees.

The panel will feature representatives from both Sony and key third-parties, including Simon Benson (senior development manager at SCEE working on vision technology), Agostino Simonetta (developer relations at SCEE), Dave Ranyard (London Studio, the developer of demo The Deep), and Patrick O’Luanaigh (founder of nDreams). Those in the room will be able to pose questions to the elite development crew.

It’s unclear whether the headset itself will be available to use. Moreover, given the industry leaning of the event, it’s not overtly obvious whether any new information will come out of it. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see the manufacturer making a push to clue developers in on the peripheral, as the unit will need some seriously good content if it's to justify its existence in the near future. Someone tell No Man Sky developer Hello Games to attend.


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Demi_God said:

playing Wipeout in first person mode on this thing would be AMAZING!



charlesnarles said:

@hamster666 vertical wind tunnel tube thing + VR goggles = indistinguishable. Oh, the implications!
They've gotta get some ultra-creative devs to attend indeed. Can't think inside the box about this. Opportunities too vast



ThreadShadow said:

If this has to be a thing, then I hope it looks better then that prototype. Is that baling twine holding it on?

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