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PS4 Survival Horror Daylight Spares You of Scares Until End of April

Posted by Sammy Barker

Title's still coming for you

Those of you with weak knees will have no need to shake, rattle, and roll until the end of April, as Blacklight: Retribution developer Zombie Studios has delayed its procedurally generated PlayStation 4 survival horror Daylight until the end of April. In a decidedly unspooky message, a company representative pointed out that the firm intends to use the extra time to make the title scarier. Boo.

The release had been set to step out of the shadows on 8th April in North America, but will now arrive on 29th April in the Land of Delicious Hamburgers. Europeans can presumably expect the title a day later, as is customary for new content drops. If you’re feeling decidedly composed after reading this story, then we recommend watching the trailer below. That’ll learn you for pretending not to be a scaredy cat.


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banacheck said:

Ashame looking forwards to this Dying Light & The Evil Within, but happy it's still releasing this month.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Not sure why I'd bother with this when I have outlast. I have higher hopes for the evil within and alien isolation.



Alpha said:

so how is this game, i saw that it was out and had no idea what it was, now i know its like wait..... i think i know, is this that game i heard about where you play as a japanese school girl with a cellphone that is somewhat like fatal framE? last i saw and of what i played it was just a demo, and i dont know it if released... is this that?

EDIT: No just decided to look it up and that is called DreadOut. Completly different game... i think. anyway how is this game? worth getting?



Kezabien2 said:

Damn, was looking forward to this. Oh well, will just have to wait a bit longer.



blindndeaf said:

yes it does look like outlast but what i want to now is can you fight back ? I would in the real world ,find something to defend myself with.loved the resident evil series and that would be hard to beat and hope one will be out on the 4 soon ...much joy.



Midzark said:

@AD-80 I agree! Outlast was amazing! (I've completed it) this just doesn't have the same factor! :/

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