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PS4 Shooter Secret Ponchos May Be Getting a Single Player Siesta

Posted by Kell Andersen

East-would you like that?

While it may be holstering its weapon for a bit longer, we're still pretty excited for Secret Ponchos. Boasting a killer theme, as well as the coolest art-style in the Wild West, the title has definitely piqued our interest. The multiplayer shooter sees you duke it out with up to seven other cowboys, attempting to be the last man standing.

Up until now, the game has been advertised as a purely competitive affair, but developer Switchblade Monkeys has recently revealed that there are potential plans for a single player add-on. "We have AI bots in development," the studio said in a statement to Polygon. "AI gameplay modes would be with existing characters from the game as bosses and with hordes of gunmen." It's unclear whether this additional mode will require extra monetary investment, but the idea is certainly there.

However, the developer decided that focusing its efforts on the multiplayer aspect would ultimately be the best course of action, an attitude that we think requires true grit. Will you be taking aim at Secret Ponchos, or do you think that Westerns are old hat? Spur us on in the comments section below.



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goonow said:

Are there any screenshots? Do we know what the game looks like? O_O

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