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PS4 Executive Shuhei Yoshida Planning 'Very, Very Exciting' E3

Posted by Sammy Barker

All aboard

It’s fair to say that Sony’s been a little more muted than Microsoft since the release of the PlayStation 4 last year. While the Japanese giant’s console continues to sell exceptionally well, it’s counterpart has had to work a lot harder to drum up enthusiasm surrounding its box. That’s led to the Redmond-based manufacturer looking ahead a lot, with promises of impending Xbox One exclusives and big E3 2014 unveilings.

Much to the frustration of some fans, though, the PlayStation maker has been practically silent in this department, letting its competitor do the talking while it basks in the glow of an ever increasing install base. However, does that mean that the company’s taken its foot off the gas? Speaking with GameSpot, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida suggested that the firm’s eye is still very much on the figurative ball.

“Some of the things that we are preparing for E3 are very, very exciting,” the affable executive teased as part of a wider interview that will presumably be published in the future. The smiling suit stopped short of sharing any additional information, but it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a number of new exclusives during the show. Sony recently registered trademarks for two titles named Kill Strain and Entwined, which are likely to put in an appearance.

Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to see during the mega convention in June? We’ve setup a shrine dedicated to The Last Guardian in the office, and we intend to pray to it twice a day leading up to the big event. Please, please let it be ready...


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get2sammyb said:

@Big-Boss My guess is that Shawn (intros/conclusions), Adam Boyes (third-party), and Shuhei Yoshida (first-party) will do the show. Andy House will probably pop up if there's a megaton.



Demi_God said:

Shawn Layden has been with Sony for about 16 years or so, from what I understand. Reading on his background he also has 25 years of experience in gaming, consumer electronics, and digital entertainment industries.

He's definitely no slouch. Jack tretton was pretty much PR, so it's not like Sony is missing on anything with or without Tretton. Just keeping it real here, Tretton is certainly not the be all.



Carl-G said:

Just make E3 be all PS4 games really(& a few PSVita games to) and no VR and MOVE and 3D rubbish thanks SONY



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Megaton? Two possibilities: The Last Guardian, Agent or Final Fantasy XV = Half Life 3 Confirmed! or PS4 has gone pass 10 million.

That long? My word, well he won't be able to openly troll the competition like Jack did, so...

Your right new titles will come to Vita...
In the form of Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus, Trilogy and any other scraps.



Demi_God said:

Why wouldn't he be able to openly troll the competition? He really doesn't have to, the trolling already happened at E3 anyway. If he does get a few jabs in there, I'm pretty sure it will be funny and welcome to the PS4 community. He's more than qualitfied for the position anyway.



N711 said:

Yea expecting a few new games and good surprises
and also Uncharted 4 gameplay of course



Punished_Boss_84 said:

What I meant was that he wouldn't be able to live up to that legendary moment for example to not being able to live up to Jack's legacy.



drumsandperc92 said:

i want to see:
1. Last Guardian for PS4 with new trailer & release window
2. Uncharted 4 trailer
3. Final Fantasy XV more gameplay/release window
4. New exclusive AAAs for PS4 that we haven't seen yet.
5. More footage/release windows for indies announced last year...Rime & The Witness, i'm looking at you.
6. Trailers/info for other games we know about but not much yet..AC Unity, Division, hell, what happened to DriveClub? Lol



InsertNameHere said:

Just bring back Jack Tretton, the King of E3!

With that out of the way, I'd like some Vita exclusives, Vita TV coming west and some Uncharted 4 & The Order: 1886 footage. I'd also like to see what Media Molecule is working on.



JaxonH said:

Final Fantasy 15 release window.
Last Guardian release window (on PS4, of course).
PS2 games announced for PSN.

Eh ehm... and something good for Vita. I just hope the focus is on new games for the handheld and not "oh look, it streams PS4" or "oh look, play Vita on TV".



Dohv said:

Here is what I want to see

-The Last Guardian
-Uncharted 4 gameplay
-Syphon Filter: Kill Strain
-The Getaway 3
-The Order 1886 gameplay and release date
-Guerilla Games new RPG IP
-Dark Cloud 3 announcement
-Media Molecule project
-Quantic Dream project
-More info on indies like Rime, Shadow Of The Beast, and Everybody's Gone into The Rapture, and SOMA
PS Vita
-InFamous spinoff
-Ratchet and Clank into The Nexus
-Bioshock Vita re-announced
-Crash Bandicoot
-Major memory card price drops

Project Morpheus
-God Of War
-Vita support
-Driveclub demo

3rd Party
-Kingdom Hearts III
-Final Fantasy XV
-Resident Evil 7 announcement liked rumored
-Shenmue HD Collection

No need to focus on PS3 at all in the conference. I'm pretty sure most of this wont happen but it would be cool.



charlesnarles said:

I'd love a MGS5 date and maybe a little info on what Bethesda Studios has been doing since Skyrim in 2011



ShogunRok said:

Get Final Fantasy XV back in the spotlight, for god's sake. The last time that we saw it was at E3 2013, and since then we were supposed to have had "a lot more information". Might have changed its name, but it's still an utterly ridiculous situation.



anarchyxrulz said:

What I'd like to see:

  • Resident Evil 7 announcement
  • A new trailer/ gameplay for The Last Guardian
  • Fallout 4 announcement
  • Some new IPs
  • at least one new AAA JRPG title for PS4
  • the return of an old Sony franchise (perhaps Crash Bandicoot or Darkcloud)
  • New PS Vita games


naruball said:

I hope psvita gets some attention. And by that I mean new games that are not ports. I guess at this point I should only expect the worst.



Gamer83 said:

At this point all I'm hoping for is re-confirmation of Batman: Arkham Knight for 2014 (maybe with some PS4-exclusive content) and an official release date for MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Since both the new consoles are selling well, maybe Kojima will feel compelled to release it in 2015. Other than that not expecting much from E3 in general. Last year's show was good but 2007-2012 were all kind of meh.



RaymanFan2 said:

I want to see something, anything, from Uncharted 4. Maybe something from Insomniac.
But I doubt both of those things.



Rapidaz said:

A new onimusha would be good or a devil may cry , virtua fighter , shenmue , metal Gear rising
, mass effect



bbq_boy said:

@Dohv Dood that'll break my wallet and my misses sure won't be happy ^_^ but what an amazing wishlist!!
To that wishlist can I add ps2 games on vita?! That would give vita the largest 'playable' games library on handheld ever!!



Gamer83 said:


Phantom Pain is the next Metal Gear game, probably won't hear anything about another game in the series until after that one is released.



sinalefa said:

I guess I will be the only one who won't miss Tretton. I hope some of the announcements will make me get a PS4.



Heiki said:

I hope we get some news on Persona 5. As for the PS4, they'd better have something up their sleeves. I won't get a new console just to play shooters and indies. How about a release date for Final Fantasy XV?



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, heh, this outta be an exciting E3. Heck I always can't wait for E3 whatever the big three have to show it outta be interesting to watch.

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