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PlayStation All-Stars' Ultimate Balance Update Adds New Outfits

Posted by Sammy Barker

More improvements than you can imagine

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s gigantic balance update is available now, promising a “new playing field for all challengers”. The title – which struggled at retail – has been a firm focus of Sony Santa Monica since the platform holder ended its relationship with developer SuperBot Entertainment, and this brand new patch is the culmination of its efforts.

As we revealed earlier in the month, some of the tweaks get incredibly complex – remember this mathematical formula? – so we’ll leave you with a link to the official patch notes if you want to get into the nitty-gritty. However, the more obvious improvements include the addition of new costumes for Zeus and Isaac Clarke, who released as DLC characters shortly after launch.

If you don’t own that content yet, the manufacturer will be discounting the ‘Graveyard Pack’ this month, which includes the two abovementioned characters, as well as a stage mashing up MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan. Are you planning to punch your way back into the mascot mash-up? Fight your rival in the comments section below.


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FullbringIchigo said:

I got rid of this game ages ago (although I could redownload the vita version cross buy FTW)

but I guess this is good news for those who still play it



Carl-G said:

Brilliant game i thought If Crash Bandicoot ever comes to this game i will play it again i suppose(i doubt it tho)



adf86 said:

It's a shame that they haven't added more characters, I believe Abe (Oddworld) & Dart (Legend of Dragoon) were going to be added until the DLC was cancelled. Sad really cos All Stars lacked a lot of PS1 era characters.



Epic said:

Some interesting changes indeed, its sad that these game aint getting anymore content, that would totaly bring me back in playing.



3Above said:

Its sad that tnis patch doesnt give you the This is Living trophy so I can platinum the ps3 version and be done with tnis game. Already Platinumed the vita version.

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