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Plans for Drakengard 3's European Release Get Spilled with a Collector's Edition

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Ask and you shall receive

When news of series prequel Drakengard 3's overseas release was announced last year, fans of the franchise rejoiced following its lengthy hiatus. However, European collectors weren't quite as ecstatic, as it was revealed that the game would only be seeing a physical release in North America. After fan revolting, a middle-ground has been met, with the announcement of a European collector's edition available exclusively from the Square Enix Store.

Limited to just 2,000 units, this beautiful set contains a bloodstained display box decorated with the flower that bizarrely grows from protagonist Zero's eye, a double sided poster, a soundtrack, and a novel detailing events prior to the game from different characters' perspectives. It also comes crammed full of DLC, with a mission featuring the star's younger sister, an alternate outfit, a Japanese voice option, and – just what you always wanted – a horrifying giant baby hat for your pet dragon. Don't expect a physical copy in this bag of goodies, though, as all of this wonderful loot will decorate your code to download the game from the PlayStation Network.

If you're not willing to splash out on all of the above goodies, but want in on the DLC action, the Japanese voices will be available for free to anyone who pre-orders the game before its launch. Are you rejoicing over having something to add to your collector's shelf, or are you still disappointed at the lack of a physical copy? Leave your kind words in the comments section below.


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artemisthemp said:

I am dispointed by 1. EU possible doesn't getting the April 9 pre order bonus that US does. 2. No Psychical disc

I currently have a order on both EU and US CE but, I will cancelled my EU if, the April 9 Pre order bonus is very nice.

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