When the reports regarding an overhauled video editing suite for the PlayStation 4 first dropped, we weren’t expecting it to offer much. You’re already able to add titles to video clips on the Xbox One, and so we were anticipating something similar on Sony’s next-gen machine. However, when rumours relating to the involvement of the Sony Vegas Pro development team started to circulate, our expectations rose.

Now that it’s announced, though, the application – named SHAREfactory – appears to be much more than we ever predicted. For those of you that missed the reveal, the add-on – available as part of firmware update v1.70 – will allow you to stick clips together, record audio and video commentaries, implement effects, and much more. And the reveal trailer has left us pondering whether it’s going to become something of a secret cash cow for the platform holder moving forwards.

At the moment, the firm’s not really raking any revenue in from themes and avatars, as they can’t currently be purchased on the next-gen machine. However, we’re sure that both of these are on the agenda, and we’re curious whether it has additional money making schemes in mind for its new video editing suite. Watch the trailer and you’ll spot some inFAMOUS: Second Son specific transitions, as well as a whole host of included audio tracks.

This suggests to us that your options will increase over time, with new transitions, effects, fonts, and audio incorporated – but we’re not overly convinced that these add-ons will be offered for free. Indeed, it’s easy to see a way in which the firm could sell The Order: 1886 or DriveClub packs, adding new transitions, filters, and frames to your toolbox for a nominal fee. The firm could even open this up to third-parties, and the packs wouldn’t necessarily need to be game themed.

The big question is: do you think that you’d invest in these hypothetical customisation options? Would you splash out on an Uncharted-inspired star wipe, or do you suspect that these kinds of extras would struggle to sell? Are there any particular transitions or effects that you’d love to see added to the application that you would be willing to pay for? Share your sense in the comments section below.

[via News: PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Add New Sharing Options and HDCP Support]