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Onigiri Is a Free PS4 MMORPG with an Anime Twist

Posted by Sammy Barker

And it's out next week in Japan

If you’re the type of person prone to squealing over girls equipped with cat ears and big blue eyes, then Onigiri may be right up your alley. Already available from the PlayStation Store in beta form, the PlayStation 4 MMORPG is set to launch officially on 16th April in Japan – a couple of days later than the hotly anticipated upgrade of Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn.

The anime-inspired free-to-play adventure can be found right now on the Eastern edition of the platform holder’s digital plaza, and will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to boot. However, there will be in-game items available for you to purchase, which you’ll need a domestic PlayStation Network card to obtain. Currently there’s no word on a Western release, but judging by the embedded gameplay video, it doesn’t look like you’re missing out on much.


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kensredemption said:

I've been trying to login on that game since the JP PS4 store launched from my US PS4 to no avail.



AVahne said:

Still waiting for the English PC version to go into open beta. I know their focus is on Japan, but they've been completely silent in regards to the English version. That said, the game isn't anything groundbreaking, but it was fun to play....if you could get passed all the bugs, lag, and glitches that is.



Dannyboy080 said:

i played it with my JAP acc on feb 22, its fairly easy to lvl up and do quests even if you cant read Japanese like me



rastamadeus said:

@kensredemption Are you doing so on your normal or Japanese account? Mine refuses to work on my English one but been playing it recently on the Japanese one. Sadly I seem to have done something with the settings and the game is in Chinese. Haven't got a scooby what's going on but it's surprisingly good fun.

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