We focus our attention on an industry where a delayed game or disagreeable digital rights management policy can feel like the end of the world, but in reality, it’s all somewhat meaningless. One thoughtful nine-year-old boy from Dallas recently recognised that, and decided to donate a year’s worth of savings to buy smoke detectors for those in need. Hector Montoya had intended to spend the money on a PlayStation 4, but opted to invest the cash into the more important cause after learning about the dangers of house fires.

According to NBC, the youngster got the idea after hearing about the death of a mother and child who passed away due to their home not being properly equipped with a smoke detector. As such, the youth chose to spend his pocket money on over 100 of the life saving alarms, which the Grand Prairie Fire Department installed into the homes of folks in need. At the time, Montoya said that he simply planned to start saving for one of Sony’s next-gen machines again. However, his generosity touched neighbouring families, and he eventually received the reward that he deserved.

A follow-up report published on Easter Monday notes that a family from Collin County bought the boy the console that he craved in recognition of his kindness to others. They also donated an additional $150 to his smoke detector cause, which Montoya stresses that he’s committed to moving forwards. Romanticised as the story may be, this is a sobering reminder that there is more to life than video games, and that maybe we should all occasionally turn our attention to more important matters before engaging in yet another console debate.

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