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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution's New Trailer Is Bursting with Fresh Content

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Such power

Following on from yesterday's announcement that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will be hurtling onto Western PlayStation 3s this September, the brawler's newest trailer details the title's plethora of fresh features, which includes previously unseen story lines, character designs, and whole new game modes to enjoy.

Spanning almost four minutes, the video's made up of pretty anime cutscenes and quick snippets of gameplay. With over 100 playable fighters, it's hard to believe that the series' character roster could possibly boast many more colourful personalities, but then you clearly haven't seen the baffling entity that is Mecha Naruto. Take a look at the footage that we've embedded, and let us know which combatant will be your go-to ninja in the comments section below.

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TOMBOY25 said:

This trailer is almost a month old.....
EDIT:Ah just seen this is the english sub version.



Epic said:

For a second I was happy when I saw the 4 Player Matches but then I saw Single Player Only note -_-



Alpha said:

@Epic Hopefully their may be an update to make it multiplayer as well if enough fans want it. Im sure they would listen.

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