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MLB 14 The Show Plays Ball with the PS4's Supercharged Hardware

Posted by Sammy Barker

Strike one

While the girly game of rounders is a more common pastime than baseball here in the UK, we can’t help but wish that we knew enough about the sport to give MLB 14 The Show a go. Indeed, it may not be accruing the same amount of press as other PlayStation 4 exclusives like The Order: 1886, but the sporting simulation is still looking absolutely phenomenal on Sony’s next-gen machine.

With the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions already available, developer Sony San Diego has started to turn its attention to the Japanese giant’s latest system, and this brand new trailer shows off all of the upgrades that you can expect in the PS4 edition of the game. In particular, the stadiums look absolutely jaw dropping, with more crowd diversity than ever before.

The title’s set to play ball with the manufacturer’s souped up device from 6th May, with additional details undoubtedly on the way over the coming days. Has this incredible trailer hit your interest levels with a homerun? Try not to get caught out in the comments section below.


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Cowboysfan-22 said:

If you need a lesson or two about baseball this American chap is happy to help. I could use some help with Cricket. Is that big in the UK?



Thrash13 said:

This is the first PS4 game I'm truly looking forward to. I've been playing MLB 13 a little with my son, but I'm super ready for this one!



Madd_Hatter401 said:

I said in a past post this would be the first true next gen game.. I am patting myself on the back. Second Son is certainly impressive but the show has always showed off the power of the PS and left Xbox fan boys jealous. Best part is not only is the show always beautiful, its the best sports sim on the market.



Chris1975 said:

That looks phenomenal, almost photo realistic at points. Very impressive!

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