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Minecraft Plots a Path to PS4 and Vita within the Next Few Months

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Minecraft will punch away at the glossy walls of your PlayStation 4 and Vita within the next few months, Mojang has hinted. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, staffer Owen Hill explained that developer 4J Studios is aiming to complete work on the ports in “Q2/Q3” of this year, meaning that they should be available by the end of September. Platform holder Sony recently confirmed that both versions will be getting a boxed release.

There’s no word on cross-buy just yet, but the employee added that it will have news to share on that front in the near future. “I understand that the wait is frustrating, but we don’t want to make false promises,” he explained. Are you eager to upgrade your block building experience to Sony’s next-gen system, or is it the handheld edition that’s got you seeing pixels? Craft a castle in the comments section below.


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Crimson_Ridley said:

Oh, that's unfortunate. I've been wanting to get the PS4 version, but I'll have to just get the PS3 one for now.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I've no interest in playing it on ps3 or ps4 so vita for me it is, they'll probably do a bundle with the new vita like they did with football manager, me thinks.



baconcow said:

I wouldn't quite say September is in the next few months, but at least it is a rough date. I was really hoping for an earlier release. PS4 and Vita x2.



Alpha said:

I do hope this has Cross-Buy, i would love to get this for My PS3, and get the Vita Version free that way me and my GF can play it, me on my Vita and her on the PS3 on her account. This is definitely a Article i want to keep up to date on, especially when theres more news on cross-buy and an actual release date!



Scollurio said:

I truly hope this comes out within summer, it makes a good summer-game imho. Especially on Vita to carry around. Never played Minecraft before but it's about time I check it out right?



SethPuddle said:

i'm getting it for everything. I don't know why but that's the way it's been. I got it for 360 ps3 no pc though.. i'll get it for the one ps4 and vita. i'm most excited for the vita version though.



Punkinhead145 said:

From what I've heard before, June (maybe July) seemed like good guesses from other sites since the beginning of 2014, and this seems like a confirmation of that time frame



Midzark said:

Yay Finally!! Makes Midzark a very happy man!! PS4!! Whoop whoop! I already own it on PC and Xbox 360 haha so now for PS4!! Excited!!

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