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Magic 2015 Plays Its Hand on Everything but PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Card game skips Sony's system

Magic 2015 developer Wizards of the Coast appears to have marked PlayStation’s card, as it’s confirmed that both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will miss out on the latest entry in its popular Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise. The property has been a permanent fixture on Sony’s systems for a few years now, making the latest instalment’s absence all the more unusual. This year’s edition will arrive on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPad, Android, and, er, Kindle.

Searching for answers, IGN contacted the studio’s public relations team in order to find out why it’s skipping the Japanese giant’s devices. “All the information I have is what’s included in the press release – including information about which platforms are available,” the publication was told. “We don’t have any other announcements planned at this time.” The spokesperson added that the title is not being published by Microsoft, so any kind of console exclusivity seems odd.

Of course, it’s possible that the Redmond-based firm may have locked down the release as it has Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2, but we’re not entirely convinced that the brand is big enough to make the effort worthwhile. Alternatively, the developer may have decided to skip PlayStation platforms due to poor performance in the past, but that seems like an odd move considering the current popularity of the PS4.

It’s certainly strange to see a big digital download skip on Sony’s systems entirely, but hopefully the developer will reveal more about its decision in due time. Were you hoping to enjoy this game on a PlayStation platform? Play your cards right in the comments section below.


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Carl-G said:

That is a shame. I was hoping for a PS4 & PSVita version this Gen To show my support to these game makers then i won't buy any MAGIC games this Gen(PS4 Gen) :-/



Demi_God said:

looks like they are going to lose out on some sales, such a pity. I think microsoft threw some money at them to do this. The reason is because all the past ones were on the PS3 and now they're not. In this case I'm quite sure MS threw some cash at WoTC to keep it off the Playstation platforms. This is going to really make MS shareholders more pissed off because this game is not even close to a system seller nor is it really that popular to begin with.



MorriganIsHot said:

All this proves that M$ has no good first parties. Also Rare has always been more suitable on Nintendo than M$.



Jaz007 said:

Strange, strange indeed. I would assume it would go on PS4 considering how easy it is to develop for.



adf86 said:

As long as Sony can get Hearthstone to their platforms then I'm not really bothered about Magic 2015



SethPuddle said:

i'll just get it for xbox one. I've played all the past magic games on 360 so it would feel right for me anyways



bbq_boy said:

Who cares about magic. Let's hope Blizzard port over Heartstone to the ps3, ps4 and ps vita. Much better game imo and it's free!! Excellent production values and addicting too! Come on Sony, please contact Activision Blizzard and bring a modern and refreshing CCG game for next gen - not some old fashioned magic ^_^



kensredemption said:

I'm surprised Microsoft can afford to keep throwing money at developers to make games exclusive to their consoles...Hmm, there's probably some Breaking Bad emulation going on at HQ.



naruball said:

I don't even have words to express my disappointment in the developers. That is simply disgusting and a slap in the face for Magic fans like me who have played every Magic game released on ps3 and bought all the expansions. It's the game that brought me closer with my current best friend.

Ms can go... Well, they know what to do. But thanks, Ms. This makes my decision to never pay for a product you sell easier.



mrturner41729 said:

That suck PS 4 not going to have magic the gathering 2015 look like im going to sales my ps 4 to buy a xbox one so i can play magic the gathering 2015 after i buy it all for ps 3

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