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Japan Keeps on Giving as Tales of Hearts R is Confirmed for a Western Vita Release

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Be still my beating heart

The PS Vita is fast becoming a haven for Japanese RPGs. Earlier this week, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines were all confirmed for Western releases this year, but you've got room for one more, haven't you?

Well, we hope so, because Tales of Hearts R will be dashing and slashing its way onto your portable device. In a video featuring the ever enthusiastic Hideo Baba, the series producer excitedly relays that the portable JRPG will be arriving on Western handhelds this Winter, and promises that more information regarding other Tales games — including Tales of Zestiria — will be coming soon. Is your Vita levelling up with all of these announcements, or would you rather see more support from Western publishers? Grind yourself silly in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@Big-Boss It has to happen. Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden were reasonably successful in the West - there's a market there. It's a niche one for sure, but it exists.



InsertNameHere said:

With all these localizations, the likelihood of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment coming West is fairly high. Especially after how well received the anime was.



TNLGUY said:

I didn't want to believe the rumors for fear of disappointment. I am now a very happy guy. So much love for the series.



JaxonH said:

Finally! And there's that Tales SRPG coming to 3DS, though I'm not sure if it's confirmed for the west yet. Bout time they step it up. Count me in for a day one!



TheLZdragon said:

I find it odd that there's no 3DS release considering that system is so huge in Japan



Heiki said:

The Vita is turning into a heaven for Japanese localizations, more so than the 3DS.



artemisthemp said:

Funny that they didn't bring over Tales of Innocence R first and then Heart r.

To bad a PS3 version of Vesperia will never happen



divinelite said:

I am happy as well sad vita fate is still not good in america
If just sony market psvita as well as ps4... Maybe its different. Make a list sony, game in 2014 for vita is so many and great



Gemuarto said:

I played Tales of Innocence R and think that it is really great game =(. At least in terms of story and battle system. Didn't like Tales of hearts R demo, though. Sad that west will never see Innocence =))... It's really one of my favourites, even if it feels that it has very low budget. I liked characters ans story and battle system is much better than in Xilia or Tales of Graces F, in my opinion, because it feels more like Star Ocean =)..



Subie98 said:

@Enobmah_Shards the hell is your problem? Im not going to buy a vita to play this. Tales games pretty much always go to consoles. Ive a right to be annoyed. It needs to go to ps3 or 4 at least, as well. Ive been playing the tales of franchise since its western launch of tales of destiny. That was a long time ago, which is more than likely longer than you. Keep you lippy comments to yourself. It was completely uncalled for.



Gemuarto said:

@Subie98 Innocence R and Hearts R are pretty low budget games. I know that all last Tales of are low budget, but they look like really niche games. The only normal budget thing about them are voices of famous seiyu, maybe even actors and singers =))...And they are made by Alfa Systems... as far as i know. I mean, you don't lose much if you skip them. And on consoles they will look pretty out of place, more than cheap, very very very low budget.



Heiki said:

@Subie98 No one is forcing you to buy a Vita, right? Thing is, Japan loves handhelds, and a lot games are coming only to 3DS and Vita. So yes, you're missing a lot if you like Japanese localizations.
I personally just like games, regardless of platform.

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