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Is Lords of the Fallen the PS4's Answer to Dark Souls?

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Only you can decide

There's been a lot of discussion over the last few days about a game that you may not have heard of: Lords of the Fallen. Published by Bandai Namco, the action RPG is on course for a PlayStation 4 release, but that's not necessarily why the title's getting so much attention.

If you've already seen the latest trailer, then you'll probably agree that it looks a bit like Dark Souls: the gritty fantasy, the moody tone, the hero clad in armour – and the giant beast that's hell-bent on smashing you into a bloody pulp. While some claim that it's the next-gen equivalent, others have been quick to shoot down the optimism, calling the title, well, something of a rip-off. Of course, there's no real way to tell until we get our grubby mitts on the game, but feel free to check out the trailer and make your own immature decision in the comments section below.

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Ginkgo said:

I think this has the potential to be brilliant or terrible. Hopefully the former.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@BornOfEvil I thought it looked fairly similar but it doesn't really look like much of an improvement. Not sure how it can be a dark souls rip off if they're both made by banzai namco or namco banzai w/e flippin autocorrect. bandai*



mitcHELLspawn said:

I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer. I play pretty much every genre and gaming is the pastime that I spend the most time on.. that being said, I tried to get into dark souls and just couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried to like it, I just hated it's guts. I actually had to stop and consider if I really was as hardcore of a gamer as I thought it was. I consider myself to be above average skill wise in most genres so it made me start to wonder if I was really as good as I thought I was.. anyway cpl years go by and dark souls 2 comes out and I decide I'm going to give it another go. same thing. But I've come to the conclusion that it's one of those rare games that just doesn't click with me at all. I enjoy a good story, and as far as I can tell the story in these games is pretty much non existent and is pretty much left to the player to infer what is going on. next is the gameplay.. I need to have quick responsive controls that respond when I give the command.. not 5 seconds later. It just drives me crazy.. anyway so I'm hoping if this game does go the dark souls route they make the controls much more responsive ! obviously this is just my opinion as I'm sure there are plenty of dark souls lovers out there.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@mitcHELLspawn I agree with your observations of the game but its part of the reason I love dark souls II. Its clunky and there isn't really a story but the game is a grind fest challenge for those who may enjoy annihilating the enemy over and over. I do. The atmosphere and feeling of isolation and despair works pretty well.



GraveLordXD said:

@SimonAdebisi the souls games are developed by From Soft and in no way are they clunky if they were I wouldn't touch them they are only clunky to those who haven't spent much time with them not implying you are one of these people just saying

This looks similar to the souls games but looks are just one small part of what those games are about anyway its good to see some action RPGs that aren't just simple hack n slash I'm keeping an eye on this one for sure



GraveLordXD said:

@mitcHELLspawn the controls in souls is perfectly fine it probably you its all about timing and which weapon you are using. Not only that the story and lore in the games are some of the best around you just have to work at it like everything else in the game its not thrown in your face. I agree its not for everyone so it has nothing to do if you're a hard core gamer or not. Sounds like it just not your thing nothing wrong with that, it is a game that's hard to get in to but once you do its a ride you'll never forget



ComicBookGuy said:

Is this an exclusive or am I reading the article wrong?
Also, obvious statement, but the souls series started on PS3.



Punkinhead145 said:

Well, this title has caught my interest more than bound by flame, but I'll have to see a little more info before I make a judgement



JaxonH said:

Looks promising.

On this subject though, Dark Souls isn't even that popular. Well, it's got its' fans to be sure, but it's not THAT popular compared to many other franchises. Idk, it's kind of like Monster Hunter is in the west I suppose. But I don't think this game should be charged as a DS ripoff. I mean, if you're gonna rip off a game, there's a lot more popular games to rip. This just seems to be somewhat similar because it's of the same genre.



banacheck said:

From the gameplay I've seen I'm not getting this Dark Souls vibe, or is it became he wears armour and has a sword?



tenderbeefcake said:

@mitcHELLspawn I agree about dark souls. Ive been a gamer sence around 1986 and I tried to get into dark souls but just couldn't. Fantasy is my favorite genre. Elder scrolls. Dragon age. All that. but dark souls just didn't seem fun to me. For starters all this you have to work at it for it to be fun stuff just makes no sense to me. I have a job to work at and wife and kid. My games need to be fun when I have the free time to play not after hours of trial and error. Anyway im rambling sorry.



drumsandperc92 said:

trailer looks great. I am still sort of hoping for a Dark Souls 2 port to next gen, but if that doesn't happen then Lords of the Fallen may at least bridge the gap till the inevitable DS3.
Till now, i was looking forward to LotF either way, but this new trailer (while looking awesome) directly compares itself to Dark Souls. That said, it may not be a bad thing. Time will tell. Wouldn't be the first time a game is copied, but the thing is, Dark Souls may simple be the first series in a new genre, and LotF may very well be the next. Maybe in 10 years we'll have a name for the genre, with many series that play that way. Not bad. Competition pushes innovation.



Gemuarto said:

@tenderbeefcake Didn't play Duck Souls, but Demon's Souls was pretty easy game. I really can't understand why people call it hard. It's a lie, that it's hard. They just don't understand it's mechanics. It was funny when I started to play Demon's Souls and was waiting for super hardcore and then beat first 3 or 4 bosses from first try. It was pure mind game for me, never used my action skills, except on couple of bosses. And one stupid level with very cheap difficulty. Don't listen to everyone, DS is just a trend. In truth all DS games are medicore. And it's not difficulty that makes them boring, but gameplay. It is very repetative and has very basic exploring and RPG system and all that because developers were trying to make online game at the first place. Look at the structure of levels in Demons' Souls. They are 100% like in Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter, meh. If you want really cool deep single player game from From Software, play King's Field 4. It's pure gem of PS2 era.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@LDXD agreed, the lore and such is awesome. I say clunky only because most people I imagine don't play it properly. Its a lot more strategic than it first appears and agility is pretty important if like myself you get more enjoyment from beating things to a pulp. I didn't play dark souls 1 but in the first two weeks I had dark souls II I spent 80 hours on it.



GraveLordXD said:

@SimonAdebisi yeah sometimes I get a slight delay every now and then that gets on my nerves other than that the controls are perfect
Wow man you really need to play the first dark souls and demon souls if you haven't yet all 3 are masterpieces!
I haven't beat dark souls 2 yet I don't know exactly how much time I have invested in it but I know its close to 100 hrs I've been taking my time playing blind without summoning help gets kinda hard I put it down for just a few days got final fantasy ARR for my ps4 and now I'm addicted to that lol I may have to keep playing with my free month then get back to souls, its bothering me because I feel bad for leaving my baby



GraveLordXD said:

@Gemuarto I disagree with everything you said except for the part about kingsfield 4 Such an awesome game! I would love to see a new kingsfield on ps4 I would completely freak out
But seriously calling the souls games basic exploring? They have some of the best level designs I've ever seen with secrets everywhere after playing the first dark souls putting a few hundred hrs into it I was still finding things I've missed



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

I hope it isn't a Dark Souls style game.
At least not in the Online all the time bull**** way.
Not being able to pause is the worst idea I have ever seen in a game.

I remember playing it for the first time, having absolutely no idea where I was to go or why I was to go there.

So I set out on my quest, and after killing the exact same enemy 6 times I got destroyed by some jester jumping into my game, and killing me for absolutely no reason, leaving all my 'souls' next to a massive group of enemies, which I could never defeat in a million years.
So here endeth my quest.

I did try again about 6 months later and got to some church with a load of knight dudes in it, got OHK and never played it again.

So heres to hoping this is NOT like that.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@LDXD I've not played it at all for a few weeks because my addiction to football manager is horrific. I'll be getting back into it this weekend, been watching my brother play it on his 360 while I'm tapping away on the vita. I've really been taking my time with it, I like walking through areas in peace knowing I decimated every soul over and over.

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