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Here's Your First Look at the Next Call of Duty for PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oscar mike

Call of Duty: Ghosts may have taken a mauling from the press, but it still managed to cement Activision’s first-person franchise as one of the most popular entertainment properties on the planet, rarely falling from the top of the charts in Europe or North America. Alas, the publisher knows that it needs to put plenty of work in to ensure the brand’s esteemed status moving forwards, and that’s exactly what this year’s entry from Sledgehammer Games intends to do.

Developed with next-gen systems like the PlayStation 4 front and centre, the title’s shaping up to be quite the looker. As part of a GDC panel named ‘Quest for Quality: Maximizing the Relationship between Creative and Production’, the developer included the very first screenshot from the release, which shows the sweaty face of a soldier wearing a helmet. It’s not exactly breathtaking, but it does demonstrate a marked improvement over previous entries in the franchise.

Unlike past Call of Duty games, this instalment has been in production for three years, and is rumoured to represent a real step forward for the brand. It’s also speculated that Sony may have jumped in and scored timed exclusive DLC for the release, meaning that Xbox enforced delays may be a thing of the past. Regardless, all will presumably be revealed soon, as we’re edging dangerously close to that time of the year when Activision likes to announce new entries in the series.


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LordDoucheBags said:

I think May 1st like every year. But if that image was taken in-house then the full game should look good. Don't think imma get this game even for early dlc on ps4. But who knows?



Gamer83 said:

The only bit of interesting news surrounding CoD would be if Sony did secure the timed-exclusive dlc first. Other than that, I'm sure this will be the same by the numbers FPS it always is. Not necessarily a bad thing but nothing worth getting hyped about.



benrawr said:

I haven't touched CoD since the original Black Ops and I'm certainly not going back. It's simply ridiculous, and the online isn't even fun. It's just paintball - splat>dead .. SPAWN splat>dead .. SPAWN splat>dead .. SPAWN splat>dead



banacheck said:

You should be seeing more of The Lords Of The Fallen soon now as well, I wonder if thay've given the gameplay a make over too?



Madd_Hatter401 said:

@benrawr try search and destroy... As for the spawning I truly hope a fix is in the works for this new CoD otherwise it will be yet another disappointment no matter how much change they bring. Oh I also hope they would make the maps less camp friendly, I dont mind a few campers but a room full destroys a the game.



get2sammyb said:

@Gamer83 Possibly. It does sound like Sledgehammer's been given some freedom to make this one their own. We'll see if that's actually the case soon I guess...



sajoey said:

I'll be honest, this looks like butt. Granted, Call of Duty isn't exactly renowned for it's graphics, especially in character models, but this looks like crap, especially compared to other PS4 games. Seriously, look at this, then look at Second Son. Actually, look at The Order. They'll probably be coming out at around the same time.



JaxonH said:

I know alot of people like to hate CoD, but it's one of the few FPS I can get into. I buy the annual CoD every year and thoroughly enjoy them, though I still haven't got around to playing Ghosts more than an hour. On my to-do list, behind 40 other games on the shelf lol...



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, there's no reason to hate CoD, I just don't think there's any reason to get too hyped either. The original Modern Warfare was a game-changer, since then though the series hasn't really changed too much. Granted it doesn't have to, it still sells, I'd say it's still well made, but you know what you're getting.



goonow said:

Wow... Those are current gen models. I probably wont play it but i still love to admire what they have made.



Donald_M said:

I've never played a CoD game. I doubt I ever will. My main interest in the franchise is curiosity as to how many more years this can go on before Activision drive the franchise into the ground like they did with Guitar Hero.



ZeD said:

@Gamer83 good points there. I agree that Modern Warfare was a real game changer but I feel that (even though newer titles are packed with newer features) they have not grown up or moved on. They are stuck in a rut. I think the new three year, three studio cycle will he'll the franchise and other yearly titles should look at this model too



Gamer83 said:


Guess we'll find out. What would help more than anything is the end of the yearly release cycle but that ship has long sailed.



ZeD said:

@Gamer83 But, in theory, it is not a yearly release any more. One studio has three years to create a game. Yes we get a COD each year but it is developed by a different studio. But I do see where you are coming from - they feel the need to release a COD each year as it rakes in the money. I cannot say much as I tend to buy Fifa each year



Ginkgo said:

They are going to have to show more than one small square to impress me.



Gamer83 said:


And I buy MLB every year. I get why Activision does it and more power to them, when a game sells 20 mil+ every year you can't really say 'sorry, no Call of Duty this year.' If the series ever loses its popularity that's probably when it'll take a break but I don't see sales falling off a cliff any time soon.

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