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Evolution: We've Captured the Soul of Every Car in DriveClub

Posted by Sammy Barker

Is that you, Yamauchi-san?

Evolution Studios’ soon to be re-revealed racer DriveClub already looks outstanding, but how will it sound? Even the most ardent Gran Turismo fan would agree that while developer Polyphony Digital generally captures the look of each vehicle that it renders, the weedy sound effects that it tends to employ can really break the immersion. Fortunately, that won’t be an issue in the UK-based studio’s impending PS4 exclusive.

“The sound of each and every car in the game is distinct and authentic,” a company representative told a fan on the racer’s official Facebook page. “We go to great lengths to capture the soul of every car, and how it sounds is a big part of that. The sound even changes depending on which camera view you choose to drive with.”

When the semi-sim release was first announced, game director Matt Southern really emphasised the outrageous attention to detail that the firm’s put into the title, so it’s nice to hear that it’s gone the whole hog. Are you excited to see what the studio’s managed to achieve since the title’s delay last year, or has the complete lack of information lately put a tyre tread in your interest levels? Purr like a Porsche in the comments section below.


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Demi_God said:

I think this is the racing game to get. I can't wait till this releases. I usually don't play racing games, but this game looks pretty damn good.



Kohaku said:

The game is mostly for free so I will try the game.
However, the delay is huge now so I am afraid that the game is disappointing.



BlueProxy said:

Sounds good, but I'm afraid I'll have to hold my excitement until I hear details about how to unlock the cars, and tracks.



DoublezZ01 said:

I'm not mad at them at all, as far as i can tell, there the biggest example of true developers for really taking there time to capture there vision and ensure that this is the game they imagined and know that ppl will enjoy!!! Great job Evolution!!! release the game when ready!!! =)

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