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Equip Your Sword of Hype + 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition Has a New Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Robert Ramsey

And it's releasing in October

It might be swamped in clichés, but Dragon Age: Inquisition's new gameplay trailer should get any fan's bloodied hands trembling with excitement.

Following on from yesterday's glorious box art reveal, the video focuses on the Inquisitor – your player character – and shows off some cutscenes, combat, and exploration all within about two minutes. Not only that, but if you look carefully, you can catch a glimpse of your party members near the end. Of course, it also looks lovely, and will almost certainly claim the crown of best looking fantasy RPG on consoles when it releases on 7th October. Are you enchanting your equipment with the element of hype? Push back the beasts in the comments section below.

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N711 said:

Looks awesome honestly.. Some competition that month and later. The Witcher guys were clever to delay a bit.
PC footage I suppose



kensredemption said:

Looks like EA's making BioWare dude-bro all their games these days...Inquisition just might be the last DA I'll ever play.



kupoid said:

Forget The Breach, forget unity...I want Varric, the Chantry, and all non-humans wiped from existence! >:0

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