Back in February, the fourth game in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn, was announced for a Summer release over here in the West, and today publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that the mech-'em-up will be blasting its way to North America in July.

Although there's no word on a specific European launch date just yet, we'd hazard a guess that it's likely to be lurking around the same time frame, especially since online retailer has the title down for release on the 30th May.

Regardless of when you can expect to jump into the pilot's seat, though, the game's newest trailer should get you in the mood for some mobile suit carnage. Sporting a rather ominous musical score and plenty of cutscene snippets, the two minute video's a little more arty than the usual Warriors media that we're used to. Take a peek and tell us which giant mech you'll be piloting in the comments section below.