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By the Maker, Dragon Age: Inquisition's Box Art is Suitably Epic

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Rise up

It may seem like you've got plenty of time until its release, but Dragon Age: Inquisition's march to store shelves is starting to pick up pace, as evidenced by the reveal of the cross-gen RPG's box art.

Sporting some rather lovely art work and great composition, this is certainly a cover that fans should enjoy seeing on their shelves later this year. Soak your eyes in its glory, and tell us whether or not you're already booking a trip to Thedas in the comments section below.


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Dohv said:

That really is a nice box art. Now just slap a PS4 logo across the top.



Azikira said:

It's really neat, much better then DA2's box art. Now let's just hope it's actually fun like the first one, and not a mindless bore like the sequel.



BlueProxy said:

Why do I hear LOTR climax battle orchestra music when looking at this box art?



kupo said:

I've seen this several times today and...I just noticed the dragon.



Lionhart said:

Merciful GOODNESS! Okay, it's time to go reserve DA III as it will actually be my FIRST Dragon Age title ever! I really am a big LOTR/RPG fan and as I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 it seems the perfect time to sink my fingers into Dragon Age. I'm just undecided as to whether I'll pick it up on PS3 or PS4.



GraveLordXD said:

Man that cover looks soooooo good! Wha whoa well except for that God awful logo in the bottom right corner! Such a blemish such a shame

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